Fly drive Type 3

Those magnificent men in their flying machines now includes a German Type 3 Notchback owner, if the amazing pictures of his vehicle sporting helicopter like rotors and a spaceframe tail section are anything to go by…

The relatively pristine looking white 1968 Notchback has had its bumpers and doors removed and a pretty robust looking tubular tail section added which has been extended forward to the cabin area. We can’t make out where the engine is or, for that matter, what actually drives the rotors, although the huge round barrel sitting just above where the engine would normally be looks like it could contain fuel of some sort.

Picture 6small

In truth, it’s debatable whether it’s meant to fly at all. More likely it’s been done as a stunt and judging by the fact that one of the rotors is missing makes us err towards this theory. The fact that it’s parked in an urban residential area also doesn’t bode well for its aeronautic authenticity. Sadly not much is known about its Berlin-based creator, otherwise we’d ask!

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Of course it’s not the only classic dub to take to the skies – as the following images reveal…

Picture 13small

This flying Beetle isn’t airborne of its own accord – it was dropped from a helicopter a mile off the ground during an episode of Top Gear in a race against a Porsche 911. Incredibly, the Bug won. It wasn’t exactly drivable afterwards, so it was a bit of a hollow victory!

Picture 15small

One for the science fiction buffs out there, this UFO Beetle was spotted in the Nevada Desert somewhere. Freaky fun, but we reckon a wheel change could prove a bit frightening!

The contraption below looks equally out of this world. But not in a good way it has to be said. Flying is obviously out of the question, but it would make a brilliant runway vehicle, getting passengers to and from the terminal. Judging by the state of the lighting gear though, we’d only recommend daytime sorties…

Picture 14small

Finally, take a gander at this flying splittie… Lovely concept, and great for avoiding queues getting into shows – but yes, of course, Photoshop was involved in its creation. Ho-hum!

Picture 11small


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