Volksworld, hold on….

Volksworld show, the last weekend of March; it requires months of prior planning and passes us in a flash. It’ll be another year before such calibre of aircooled machinary are again gathered under one roof for us all to enjoy.

How did it go? Well it went like this, setting up the stand all day Friday, which included sticking every component needed to build a brand new engine to a piece of wooden board! Saturday comes round quicker than desired for those working late there the day before.  Although the show opens at 10,  theres’ a hive of activity on the stand from about 8 o’clock, pricing parts up and making sure everyone is dressed in our new logo’d t-shirts and ready to go.

For myself, I roam the show, before the crowds pour in, video camera in one hand and normal camera in the other; recording as much as i can for those who couldn’t make it, or like to spot themselves on film. The fruits of my labour will follow soon!

What treats were  in store..the list is huge but a Beetle cabrio grabs your attention as you walk into the first hall, it’s had upwards of £100,000 spent on it! Next to it a Hebmuller hot rod, a nu-custom bug and a fibreglass bodied drag car, not to mention the Turbo’d Radio Flyer that sits on the display behind it. CSP scooped the best of show award for their Razor edge Ghia (kept under wraps until opening)- a nice touch seeing as the show was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Type 3. 

As the doors opened my filming and photography came to a natural close, well timed and a reward for leaving home at 7am I suppose. Time to leave those on the stand to do what they do best, with the added bonus of announcing our partnership with VW Classic Parts to the world.

As mentioned in my last post, we were to give an award out this year for the “Best Outsider” chosen by David and Luke from Terry’s Beetle Services in joint celebration of their 25 years in the VW scene. The deserved winner was in fact a Volksworld feature car from 2008, Steve Tansey’s 63 split – but more on that tomorrow!

Please click on the photos above to see our Flickr Album of the show.

Until next year Volksworld show.. it’s been a pleasure!


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