A weekends work

Ultimate dubs is always an exciting show, new cars to be unvieled that you know of, and a couple of sneaky ones who have flown below the radar or at least off the forums over the winter. Couple this with inviting two cars we had only seen photos of to be pride of place on our stand and there was definitely a buzz in the air the week before hand.

Fast forward to Saturday, leaving BBT towers just before midday we made the journey to Telford in good time, arriving around 3 o’clock. While show car owners polished their metal to a mirror like shine, we got busy putting the stand up and displaying our stock. A pre made plan swiftly went out the window when we worked out how big the Caddy was.. and we still had a Mk1 to fit in too! But lets not dwell on the stresses of that, lets celebrate how the stand looked, and the quality of the cars that adorned it.  Saturday, 7pm and we were about ready to crash.. and what better time for a curry! Leaving the show hall for the evening with those eager to catch the eyes of tomorrows visitors still slaving away. Scott got asked to leave at 9pm!

Sunday morning, and while all the party animals were just nodding off, we were up enjoying the full breakfast experience that Holiday Inn had to offer, ready to start the day at 8 o clock. The hour before the doors opened was just long enough to capture all the show cars on video (stay tuned!) and get us “priced up” before what became a never ending stream of excited and parts hungry enthusiasts at the stand.

What a busy day, caught up with a few familiar faces, and chatted Golf with countless others not to mention selling a lot of our range to those with money burning a hole. Then quicker than they came.. the show cars disperse into the evening in a chaotic dash for the exits, leaving us with a van to load and 3 hours plus on our journey home. Not that it’s a complaint, the show was spot on, and we’ll be back there again next year in a shot!

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