Serial dubber gets a split!

Meet Owain.. he is self confessed VW addict. If there was one customer who each time he calls us, he’s buying parts for another car it would be him. But this isn’t a business venture for him, he does it for fun!

This is his latest acquisition, a 1960 model Westfalia splitty, a recent US import it clearly needs help with the cosmetics, but beauty is only skin deep, for inside a full Westy interior has survived in pretty good condition.

En route from picking it up Owain and Sam from VWorks popped in to get a “few” prices, and i have a funny feeling we might be hearing quite frequently from them when Sam gets this project underway in April.

If you are in need of a VW Specialist in the South East be sure to check out Sams workmanship over on his website, he has just finished a “how to make an interior” guide for Camper and Bus magazine – so he’s obviously good at his craft. Click the photo above to see the rest of the pictures of the van and the banner below to go to Sam’s website.

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