Good cause and customers car focus.

A campaign to help a fellow V-Dubber came to my attention today, The Aquaphobics club are rallying together for a member of theirs with a life threatening medical condition.Chris Boakes, aged just 26, has Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, a condition where the heart is restricted from stretching and filling with blood properly. This abnormal heart function can … Continued

Ninove: the final chapter.

We had a few taster shots from the town centre based show yesterday, another picture heavy blog today folks, a really nice mixture of cars, and the street setting makes a nice change to a grass field, or an exhibition centre. Enjoy! Have a great weekend, see you Monday! Andy

Ben goes to Belguim pt.2

So carrying on with Bens weekend road trip to Ninove a few weeks back, we left them convoying on their way to the brewery.The Witkap Building offered a great backdrop to those who made the pilgrimage, and the beer, well a refreshing drink or two for those riding shotgun.So after a “comfort” break it was … Continued

Volksworld project car 2011

After the Beetle Build successes of the last 2 years thoughts have naturally turned to “how do we better it next year.”Well here is the answer.. A VW Type 183, or an Iltis to those who have heard of them.Built between 1978 and ’88 and designed for military use, we have picked up a straight … Continued