Lights, Action, Camera: GTI Springfest Report

If you are fond of Volkswagens with Go to match their Show then springfest at Santa Pod would of been right up your street. The first of the 1/4 mile based shows on the watercooled calender saw daily drivers getting a chance to run, aswell as all out race cars plying their trade.
Anna went along for the day, and took her car down the strip too!
Here are some of her pictures.

EX Staff car, Daves old Corrado now being used as a track toy sporting a 6 speed box and nitrous!

Anna’s Mk2 VR6 in action.

Scirocco turn out was fantastic.

Spied on the way home, Chris Redford in his Military Spec Iltis, sadly no longer allowed to sport his machine guns while on the move!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!


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