Daves Beetle Project gets a new engine!

Remember Dave?! Well he had a beetle that unfortunatly needed more work than it was worth, so it went off to the tip! Then as luck would have it he stumbled accross a ’65 that needed a small amount of attention so picked it up as a suitable replacement for it.
While we have been out driving our cars, he’s been getting busy in the garage building it back together.

He’s re-homed the Trekker’s old 1776cc engine, and with a quick top end rebuild its ready to go in.

Not sitting back and taking it easy, he has been tidying up the bodywork and getting his mate Aaron to weld a few pieces up – best to do it now rather than later!
So good is the progress, it’s looking like a car again.. now wheres that lowering stick?!

Sure we will be seeing more updates soon.
See you tomorrow!


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