2nd Time Lucky

After the disapointment of realising the first Beetle was better used as a tea strainer than a car, our I.T Guru Dave went back out on the hunt for a replacement base.

The search for the ideal project car had almost come to an end until one of our customers cars was offered for sale.

He described it as a rock solid car, 1 owner from new, a great base to start. The paint was tatty but there was a lot of it on there, so could possibly be saved. Lynton from sales went and had a look but realised he didn’t have time to finish it.

Dave jumped straight in and the car was collected on Saturday without a viewing!! (20-10-2010) and trailered back to Daves driveway.

Sunday morning saw a quick trip to the shops for a tub of hammerite, wirebrush, 1500 grit wet and dry and some Cutting compound.

The exterior of the car was completely flatted with 1500 grit and lots of water then flatted again with 2000 grade abralon pad, then mopped. While that was going on the interior was completely stripped of sound deadening ready for a coat of gloss black paint.

Before polishing began

Before polishing began

Floorpan Stripped and cleaned

Floorpan Stripped and cleaned

One side flatted and polished

Nice and original

Quite a difference already! Dave is hoping to be driving this to the Volksworld show in just over a months time. Keep checking back to see if he makes it!

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