10 Dub things to do in 2016

It’s a given that people make new year’s resolutions so they can break them later on. But actually having a few objectives to kick start 2016 isn’t such a bad idea – even if you don’t actually manage to achieve all of them…

1. Unfinished business
In the rush to get a restoration project or special build back on the road again, it’s all too easy to leave things unfinished. Whether it be that tiny section of Mk2 Golf trim or the fact that you still haven’t quite got round to fitting that last bit of air-cooled engine tinwork – there are always things that never quite get done. And once a car’s in use and your attention’s switched to something new, that’s the way it’s likely to stay which is a shame given all the work you’ve put into the project previously. You can discover the importance of finishing touches here, but basically it’s a case of going round your car and writing a ‘snag’ list of all the outstanding things that need doing. Then doing them…

finish a project

2. Share the love
Owning an older car becomes a whole lot more fun if you can share the experience with other like minded Dub lovers. And we’re not necessarily talking about joining yet another internet forum. VW clubs are thriving these days and there’s nothing better than meeting up at a local hostelry for a VW-related natter and noggin. Not only will fellow enthusiasts provide the necessary boost when moral is low, but you can also get to share knowledge, skills, ideas, tools – as well as manpower which could prove useful if you need to lift out an engine or remove a body from its chassis.


3. In single file
The thing often heard when talking to owners about their cars is, “If only I had taken more photos.” So in 2016, we’ve got a suggestion. Why not create a history file, starting with early pics of when you got your car along with its receipt if you’ve still got it, followed by photographs of journeys you’ve been on or work you’ve done along the way. Start now and keep adding to it…

better scrapbook

4. Magical mystery tour
Driving abroad is great fun – the roads are often better, there’s usually less traffic and when you reach your destination in a classic VW there will be a huge sense of achievement. You don’t need to go far. When crossing to Calais, resist the urge to head south and turn left instead because Belgium and Holland provide a brilliant playground for Dub lovers. Target towns like Bruges for cobbled photoshoot shenanigans, and if you can coincide your trip with a big meet even better. The iconic Freddy Files 2016 event in Ninove is on 13 March, so there’re the first date for your 2016 diary – book it now!

5. Visit Wolfsburg
The Mecca for any Volkswagen fan, if there’s one thing to do before you die, go to the place where it all started – Wolfsburg. But why put it off why you can do it in 2016. Visit the museum and also plan a tour of the Volkswagen factory itself, as well as the nearby plant at Osnabrück if you have time. You can find out all you need to know, including where to stay here


6. Make a 10-year plan
Hindsight is a wonderful thing and as an old year comes to a close and a new one begins, it’s a good time to take stock and think carefully about your car collection. So what does that mean? Well, it’s easy to get carried away and make a hasty decision when buying and selling your cars and sometimes it pays to take a long term view. Ask yourself what vehicles do you want on your driveway in 10 years time and question carefully your car strategy. There’s nothing worse than looking back and thinking to yourself, “You know what, I should have kept that car!” while it’s all easy to continue piling more cash into a project you’ve totally fallen out of love with and should have sold years ago. We’ve all been there…

7. Learn a new skill
Forget all the usual stuff like learning a new language, or the art of public speaking because if you’re toying with the idea of picking up a rusty restoration job in 2016, then learning the basics of MIG welding is a far better bet. A decent MIG welder will cost about £300, then it’s case of learning the techniques which will enable you to replace panels, make patches and get involved in all sorts of metal working magnificence which will not only cut the cost of restoring a VW but also add that special sense of accomplishment when it’s all finished.

MIG welding

8. The best things in life…
You might  be surprised to hear us say this, but if there’s one thing to remember in 2016 it’s that the best things in life don’t always involve VWs. No, we’re being serious. So in 2016 enjoy the company of family and friends. Enjoy your car, love it, pamper it – but always put the people in your life first…

9. Make a dream come true
Lose that can’t’ do attitude in 2016. If you’ve always promised yourself a ‘Splittie’ take the first step on the road to achieving that dream in 2016. If that means taking on an extra sideline to fund the purchase, so be it. Start selling off that unwanted garage tat, mow your neighbour’s lawn for a fiver or kick off that part time valeting business… It’s now or probably never.

dream come true

10. And finally…
When you’ve addressed all these resolutions, join that gym, pledge to drink less and curb your appetite for all those bacon butties. But remember – a little bit of what you fancy…

Wishing you all the very best of everything in 2016!


The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of VW Heritage

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  1. ian, i read this article, very interesting, i have been to your shop offices in shoreham before, couple of weeks ago, i have a vw camper from 1976, overseas, that i’m gonna start working on, i wonder if you will take a moment to see me, i can drive down again, as i need to buy a few bits and would like your advice.
    if you can see me this week i will be delighted to drive down to show photos of my project and you advice me on what to get.
    look forward to from you.

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