Killing time this Christmas

In between quaffing sherry, feeding yourself and visiting relatives, if you find yourself at a loose end today, resist turning on the telly and catch up with a few VW-related jobs instead. Here’s some easily pick up and put downable stuff you can do while still enjoying the Christmas spirit…

Polishing bumpers and hubcaps
So often overlooked, here’s something you can do on Christmas afternoon while you’re waiting for the turkey and stuffing to go down. Grab some chrome polish and a suitable rag and get busy on those hubcaps and bumpers. If you can manage it, get down low and do the underneath of the bumper blades – but if you’re feeling a little too ‘stuffed’ leave this until the new year!

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Touching up stonechips
Now here’s something worthwhile that will allow you to get a breather from the family friction that inevitably surrounds the yuletide get together. Be sure to get a get that touch-up stick beforehand though and don’t let your kids see, otherwise they’ll be asking for help painting their Airfix kits instead!

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Cleaner windows
‘Wheels and windows’ are what sell are car. Now, we’re not suggesting you flog your prized VW on Christmas Day, but getting a cloth on the insides of your car’s glazing will make the world of difference. Use soapy water initially, followed by an artificial chamois leather to get all the suds off, then polish the window with a glass cleaner to get rid of any smears…

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Christmas cheer
Hopefully by now you’ll be laden with bundles of bank notes from loved ones – so you’ll need to start thinking about what to spend it on. Forget socks because there’s likely to be a host of goodies you can buy for your VW instead. So grab an old Christmas card and a pen, make your excuses (say you’re walking the dog, cat or hamster) and disappear to the garage or driveway. Walk round the car and make a list of what needs doing and what you’ll need to buy for the 2015 season ahead.

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Show planner
Christmas can suddenly make you feel all melancholy as the day goes on, and the endless supply of G&Ts doesn’t help. That’s why Christmas Day might be the perfect time to plan your 2015 show calendar to perk yourself up a bit. Best of all, it might be just the excuse you need to get on the blower to a few best buddies to see if they’d be interested in joining you for the ride…


Quick brush up
There’s now a stack of washing up beckoning, so here’s a last ditch attempt to find a bit of time for yourself – and your Volkswagen. It might not sound very glamourous but giving your car a pukka tidy up inside will help get the new year off to the best possible start and it’s better than having to tackle all those gravy drenched dishes. Start with an ashpan and brush and give the carpets and mats a thorough going over. Empty door pockets, the glovebox and basically rid your interior of any sweet wrappers and rubbish. If you find any lost coins, add it to your Christmas money!

Picture 11interiorsmall

Now is that someone calling you? Probably. So now that you’re suitably Veedubbed up again, you’d better finish off and join in with the festivities.

Have a good one.


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