Anna on a Parts Mission

With the show season fast approaching our Sales Team member Anna has been on a parts mission to get everything she needs to get all her vehicles up to scratch and back on the road for summer. There are a couple of panels needed to be bought to get her Type 25 camper welding finished, an array of parts for her Golf and a few service items for her Lupo.

Being of the low variety, the poor daily driven Lupo is in for some TLC. So far on the parts list from our sister company Meyle, is a full service kit, wishbones, top mounts, ball joints, caliper sliders and drop links.


The Golf is being treated to a spruce up for summer also, and Anna is hoping to get it ready for GTI International. On the list from the VW Heritage shelves is a new G60 arch after one of the fronts being ripped off on its last outing, a new temperature sensor and some new window scrapers which have just come in after being obsolete for many moons. A new genuine roof rack has been sourced and a nice set of original Mk2 Recaro seats turned up on a pallet yesterday.


Now Anna just needs to rope someone into finishing the welding on the T25 and she shall be well underway. Then the roller can come out and the paint job and fun jobs begin. Oh and some half decent weather would be well welcome!

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