Staff Car build ups..My Polo

As we have been profiling other members of staff and their cars, there was bound to be a time when my little old polo would come to the surface and be seen.

I will try not to bore you too much, but here is the story, which begins in 2003 if i recall correctly

On a routine breakers yard trip i foolishly asked the question, whats happening with the polo in the corner?
It was a 1976 Polo L, brought in by the family of an old lady who had passed away.
First inspection looked good, and when it was offered for £50 i bit their hand off.
With a tow from my mate in his Golf, we got the car home.. i was so chuffed!

Sadly it isn’t just aircooled vehicles which are affected by the rust bug.. and i was about to find out that my damp carpet hid a darker secret!

I will keep you all posted with how the project has progressed, and also why its taken almost 7 years!

See you tomorrow!


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