VW accessories through the ages

There’s no doubt our tastes have become more and more sophisticated when it comes to VW accessories as our quick spin through the decades of must-have factory sanctioned add-ons reveals…

Obviously, things were a lot simpler in the beginning – and not just because there were fewer models in the VW range. Back then, practicality was key and accessories centred around care products, tools, bulb sets and mudflaps with only a cursory nod towards shiny objects such as wheeltrims. That said, we like the sound of the Beetle ski racks, the coconut matting and the ‘fanfare horns’ advertised in this 1967 brochure.


By 1971, there was much more chrome in the form of ‘Rally’ wheel trims for the Beetle and gutter trim for Type 3s and various chrome grille trims. The Rally gear shift and tunnel tray for the Beetle were also popular accessories at this time, although I have bad memories of the latter. The tunnel tray in my Beetle rattled horribly and was never that secure –  perhaps I should have used longer screws…


Things obviously got more involved as water-cooled Dubs came on line. This 1975 accessories brochure has alloy wheels as an option for the Mk1 Golf as well as wonderfully period plastic louvred rear window visors for the Passat. The only add-on for the camper at that time was a chromed exhaust pipe, cab roof rack and chrome air intake covers…


By 1986, accessories were taking on a much more sporty approach, with this catalogue listing such things as a Bilstein sports suspension kit for the Mk2 Golf and a variety of BBS rims. By the time the Mk3 Golf arrives the accessory brochures even list the infamous Ronal ‘Teddy’ alloys and a double headlamp conversion kit.


From then on, accessory catalogues became more refined and more sophisticated, although we couldn’t help cringe at the ‘iffy’ VW GTI Image range brochure we unearthed from the eighties.

VW image

I am certain I picked up one of those jackets for a fiver at VW Action when it was still at Stoneleigh. As the brochure reads, “You’ve either got Image. Or you haven’t.”


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