How to decipher your VW Beetle engine and chassis numbers

When ordering parts or restoring a car back to its original spec, it’s useful to know as much about your Bug as possible. Here’s how to unravel the dark art of engine and chassis codes…

First things first – you need to know where to look to find the necessary numbers. The ‘birth certificate’ for your Bug will be underneath the bonnet next to where it locks to the front apron – it will tell you the origin of the car as well as the chassis number. The chassis number can also be seen on the centre part of the chassis, under the rear seat and in the windscreen of very late Beetle models. The engine number is the easy one – it’s on the generator/alternator pedestal support.


So what do all the numbers mean, and what can they tell you about your car?

Chassis Numbers
Starting with chassis numbers, the Beetle has always had the factory designation of Type 1 and with the exception of the period from 1956 to 1964, the chassis number will start with a 1 or 11. Chassis numbers started at 1-0001 in 1940, but because the Type 1 prefix also included military vehicles, by 1945 when the numbering had reached 1-053814, only a few hundred Beetles had been built. By 1955, once Beetle production had reached one million, the 1 prefix was followed by seven digits. The prefix was then dropped; the last car produced in 1956 being given the number 1394119. The numbering system changed in 1965 with the introduction of a three digit prefix consisting of 11 to denote the Beetle (the Karmann Ghia was designated Type 14 and the Cabrio Type 15), followed by a digit to denote the model year, eg 5 for 1965 and so on. The first Bug to leave the production line in August 1964, therefore, was 115 000 001.


In 1970, a 2 was added to indicate the second decade, so the first 1970 model made in August 1969 was given the number 110 2 000 001. The last Beetle produced in Germany was 118 2 034 030. Instead of using 110 3 for the first 1980 model, produced in August 1979, the chassis number 11A 0000001 was adopted. When international standardisation took place, this became WVWzzz11zAM000001. WVW means Volkswagen private cars, the z’s are fill in characters and the letter ‘M’ in the 11th position denotes the country of manufacture, in this case Mexico. Dating some cars is easier than with others; the build date of June 1979 is easy to interpret on this US Cabriolet sticker. You might also find date stamps on parts such as wheels – although bear in mind rims might have been sitting around a while before being fitted, so don’t worry if they predate the car’s build date by a year!

late label

‘Type’ numbers
The chassis number only contains the first two ‘Type’ digits, but in fact the full Type numbers were made up of three digits up until 1968, then six thereafter. A summary of the post ’68 numbers are as follows:

1st digit     1 = Beetle
2nd digit    1 = 122/1300/1500
3rd digit     1,3,5 = Left-hand drive, 2,4,6 = Right-hand drive
4th digit     0 = Standard model, 1 = L version, 7,8 = US version
5th digit     Engine type, 1 = 1200 34bhp, 2 =1300 44bhp, 3 = 1500 44bhp or 1600 50bhp
4 = 1400 with emission control, 5,6 = 1600 48bhp
6th digit     1 = manual gearbox, 2 = semi automatic


Engine codes
It’s always interesting to know what engine’s in your Beetle and you can check by looking at the prefix. Engine number prefixes were first used in 1965 with the introduction of the 1300, with other Beetle numbers as follows:

A = 1200 30bhp
D = 1200 34bhp
E = 1300 37bhp
F = 1300 40bhp
H = 1500 44bhp
L = 1500 40bhp
AB = 1300 44bhp
AC = 1300 40bhp
AD = 1600 50bhp
AE = 1600 48bhp (US)
AF = 1600 46bhp
AG = 1600 44bhp (Type 181)
AH = 1600 48bhp (US)
AJ = 1600 50bhp (fuel injection)
AK = 1600 48bhp (US)
AL = 1600 48bhp (Type 181)
AM = 1600 48bhp (Type 181, US)
AR = 1300 44bhp
AS = 1600 50bhp

Data stickers
To confuse matters slightly, some Beetles were fitted with a sticker (usually stuck the metalwork by spare wheel well) which gives the chassis number, type number, engine and gearbox code, paint codes and a list of any factory fitted options. Accessories fitted by the supplying dealer, of course, wouldn’t be included.


The colour code could prove useful when carrying out restoration work, of course, and by identifying the original interior trim, you can determine whether items have been changed. Meanwhile, the options list will tell you which accessories were fitted when it left the factory. So, for example, if you’re keen on returning your Bug to original spec – it will tell you what accessories to keep, which to ditch and what parts are missing… The list published on here might prove useful. If you’ve done any detective work yourself regarding Beetle M numbers, we’d love to hear from you…


The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of VW Heritage.

348 responses to: How to decipher your VW Beetle engine and chassis numbers

    1. Hi Riann, thanks for your comment.
      We can’t work out that chassis number.
      Where abouts on the vehicle did you take it from?
      What age do you think the vehicle is?
      Do you know where it was manufactured?
      We will try and help some more if we can.
      And which country are you in now?

      1. Hi Andy,

        I am relatively new to the VW world but have a 61 VW Single Cab with Frame number 735777. I wanted to know if VW has records somewhere for me to find the original factory engine number that accompanied this vehicle? The current engine is not original.

      2. Hi there, I have a beetle engine number 1134479 , could you please help me to find out what is the cc power if is 1200 or 1300 . Thanks

    2. you can actually right to volkwagen in germany and provide the info you have, include the number and the prefix (letter) before the number located on the generator/alternator flange.

      1. Could you share that VW in Germany website just in case I need to find out more than I can on my own. I just recently got a VW Camper chassis id # 23220 19753 w engine #CB07182 . I like the chase as well as the next guy, but I think it can be confusing to get the answers I want. Ty for any help you can send my way. ******

    1. Hi Graham, engines manufactured before 1965 only had numbers, and didn’t include letters. So it is likely yours could be one of these.

      1. I have been trying to figure out if my 1972 is a baja edition been putting in the vin number everywhere and they say I have to have 15 to 17 numbers I have looked in all three places and they all say the same number any help would be muchly appropriated

        1. Hi, is the sticker in the trunk there that has the paint code? It should be on the drivers front near the top of the strut. The Baja SE had a special color paint. I have one I sent for the birth certificate from Wolfsburg I won’t say Baja Champion but will have the paint code & accessories. They won’t tell you what motor was in it, but if you give them the number they will tell you if it left the motor is original. I know this is old but ??

          1. Sorry, the label on the drivers side door pillar will have the VIN# It is also under the back seat on the chassis.

    2. I am attempting to restore vintage VW engine found in an demolished shed. each part has its own series of numbers 113. 101.211 pedestal stand, 113.101.3718, vw (encircled) 28 on the crankcase, 113,101.371B vw 48, on one of the heads. I think I have been able to decipher all these with the help of the internet but the engine number on the support base of the pedastle stand is different;
      777 86(?5)74. can anybody decipher this for me so I can purchase the necessary parts (ie rings seals etc).

    3. Hi All,

      I am trying to identify a VW buggy – Chassis 2881919 – engine – AB265163 Reg – ODY 520K log book has no type on it – When doing a Reg check it comes up as a VW Gold 1966 red sports ????

      Any help appreciated


  1. I have a very nice 1965 Beetle. It has the correct chassis number stamped under the back seat…in the 115XXXXX range…which corresponds to the VIN number on my title. It’s the correct number for a 1965. But I cannot find a factory ID plate anywhere in the spare tire well…nothing. Not even old rivet holes.
    I have asked at least 15 different people, some working for respected parts places…many differing and split opinions. Several have said that the mid-1960s Beetles did not at all come with factory ID plates….that they only were made with the aforementioned stamped number under the back seat.

    A guy who runs a wrecking yard for old Bugs said his 1966 does not have that plate.
    Can someone finally end the question for me….did my 1965 come…or not come….with that ID plate..?

    Thank you,

    Jim in SoCal

    1. model year 1965 has chassis number printed under the backseat, metal plaque with chassis number printed behind the spare tire and paint color code prited on a sticker. That’s all!!

    2. My pre Jan 1 1966 bug has the plate behind the spare tire, BUT anyone would have said there is nothing there! I had to take a scrubbing sponge and winded and scrub for 30 min in a low left area …and boom it showed up! It is So very thin like a sticker, it can get covered with black sludge and disappear easily.

    3. It may well be that a part replacement of that area was carried out, they rot a lot, possibility that a new tyre well was welded back in place minus the plate.

  2. I am looking to buy a specific VW beetle but somethings aren’t adding up. The car is a 1300 (as I understand it only manufactured for the 1966 models. But the front hood plate starts with 117…(the rest is under paint and is unreadable). Another interesting bit is that the engine block # is F0950346… which is not showing up on thesamba website. And most confusing is that right above the engine block number, it says “Ignição 1-4-3-2″…. and since I speak some Portuguese, this means “ignition”… and perhaps made in Brazil?? But the VIN plate says “Manufactured in Germany”.
    I am not an expert, but this “fully restored 1300 VW” seems to have been put together from parts from multiple vehicles? I wish I could post pictures here of the plates, engine, etc. Feel free to email at

    1. Your 117 chassis Beetle will be the unique 1967 model year, it should, if restored to factory spec feature a number of unique one year only parts, most prominently the unique engine lid.
      The firing order you discribe is cast into the generator/dynamo stand, the engine number itself is the F code number stamped into the case. This is a 1300 singleport model.

      1. Hi Edd, i have bought a vw beetle which has 117208594 chasis number and it’s engine number is H04 150 94. does the chasis and engine numbers says a 1967 vw beetle?

  3. Hi my engine says D 1303455 it’s in a dune buggy so I have no clue what year it is the numbers on the bottom end are AS 41 043 101 102

    1. I’m just reading your question today Jan 30 18
      Your car is an early 61 manufactured around Sept 1960….the F code engine is a 40 hp…..I think. But I didn’t see any with a #2 after, most all have a #1 after the F……hope this helps.

        1. Hi Heila, I too have a Beetle with Engine number starting with SFBR Can not find anything on it. Best I could get is that it is a subassembly which means the engine was redone.

          Your vin return this info:
          Sedan Production: 8/68 – 7/69
          Sedan Chassis: 119 000 001 – 119 1200 000
          Sedan Engine: 1500cc Single Port
          Sedan Engine Number: H 5 414 586 – H 5 900 000
          Sedan Front End: Ball Joint (Drum)
          Sedan Rear End: I.R.S. (Drum)
          Sedan Lug Pattern: 4×130
          Sedan Voltage: 12 Volt

  4. Hi
    I got a VW I am confused that its Engine number is F160**** and in the VI Book it says manufactured in 1958 Chassis number is 1785***

    Can it be

  5. Hi there we just purchased a motorcycle trike that has a VW engine the numbers on the back are a AE875101 we don’t have any other information but that we’re looking to find out possibly what year it is any help would be appreciated

      1. Hi can you tell me what year and size this is. Its a engine in my trike. And i cant get the correct parts for it.
        # U0124615.
        It is dual port and has h 30/31 carb.
        Thanks for any help.

  6. My Beetle says first registration Feb 1966
    Numbers in car and on plate both tally as 116 427 031
    Engine D 0295026
    Can anyone explain this to me please ?

    1. Chassis number confirms that it’s a model year 1966 and 427031 it’s the serial number. Due to the fact that since m.y. 1966 1300cc engine was introduced for beetles the unique number for engine ended up and started with D letter for 1200cc and F letter for 1300cc. You mount a 1200cc!! Unfortunately, according to VW tables, this serial number belongs to a 1200cc produced at the end of 1967 (late December) for model year 1968. So it might had been replaced during these 51 years!

      116 427 031 (model year 1966: from Aug. 1965 to July 1966)
      Produced in December 1965 and sold, as you said, in Feb 1966
      Engine Number type D. for that period shuold be from around D 0 046000 to D 0 050000 (infact VW used to sold more 1300cc than 1200cc)


  7. My engine has an X inside a circle and then reads D1216569. Most thing i read say it is a 40 hp version. And others say it is an after market engine sold in 1977. Problem I have is matching parts to it. I just purchased a carburator that has an extra lever on the passenger side which hits my alternator, preventing the throttle from moving. I don’t know if this is an engine issue or a carburator issue. I figure if I can determine the engine, I at least can start from there

  8. I need help identifying my engine number. The car is a RHD 1972 Beetle standard (VIN 112 2626-490) abd the engine number is: FDR 219130
    As far as I know it should be a 1200 engine, but I am not sure if it has been replaced.
    Hope you can clarify for me.

  9. Hey there, my vin number is 133 2240 965, any help with the year . It’s a super beetle and I dont know wich Balljoint to buy. Thanks in advance

  10. Hello, thanks for the info on this. Kindly help out as the Chasis number and engine are the same?
    D-1084757? It is a type 1, 1192cc. Located in the Philippines. Don’t know what color it is originally as not indicated on the CR/OR too.

    Thank you!

  11. Can anyone help to identify engine number 211909X? No VW stamp or leading letters. I think it’s a 1600. It’s a replacement, the original was a 1300.

    1. We have cleaned up the block using a toothbrush and can see a very faint AD, which would identify a 1600 (50BHP) engine. Job Done!

  12. My engine number is SFADTR206413. Made in Mexico although I’m in South Africa. I know it’s a 1600 Twin port. What could the bhp be? Thanx I advance.

  13. My engine number RE 181456
    It’s as I understand 1.8 fuel injection fitted to a German trike (air cooled)
    Any info on the engine please

  14. Just picked up this beetle and i’m trying to find out where it was built,the tag behind the spare has no numbers just made in Germany the vin is 1132038113 any help is appreciated

  15. Hi all just wondering if anyone can give me any information about an beetle engine with this number on w10314220 thanks for looking 👍🏼😀

  16. Guess I’ll get in on this.
    Just bought what seems to be a 1970 Beetle.
    Engine code is U0402856
    Samba says thats a dual relief case, which my engine definitely isn’t. It also has the VW (recycled/exchange?) symbol preceding it. Any ideas what I have? Need to start buying parts
    Thanks either way for the help 👍

      1. Some early dual relief cases where not. The casting department got ahead of the machining so the 2nd relief was cast, but not drilled.

    1. I would look into it being a type 3 engine.
      I have a 1970 also with the same code.
      Is yours stamped on the seam of the two halves?
      Right by the fuel pump.

  17. How Can I tell what kind of motor I got from the numbers 113.101.102 B9 and 113.101.101 B3 and 5564078 is the only numbers on my motor how do I figure out what I got

    1. Hi John, These are the ‘part numbers’ for the engine case halves, not the engine number – this engine number will be under the alternator/ dynamo stand.

  18. Greetings

    My engine no is SFA57B0063 if someone can assist and letting me know if this is a 1300cc or 1600cc I just bought the beach Buggy and I am from the West Cape, South Africa

  19. My engine stamp is 6059922. Single port. I was told it’s a 40hp by a guy at a VW parts shop. He said he could tell by “the weird mount for the single port”. Do the numbers indicate it is a 1960 engine? If so, what do the other number mean?

  20. Mi engine serial number is AM 012116 , I have my car in south- america, that means that my engine was made in germany for sale in USA ?

    1. Hi Leslie, looks like you have a ’78 model year Beetle Cabriolet, according to the chassis number this would have been made between December 77 and July 78.


  22. Hi guys,

    We have a beetle cabrio from 1971 with a salvage title.


    It seems to be a strange number for 1971 (built in 1970).
    Thanks for any help.

  23. I have a 1970 beetle.The engine number is ADR283853. The is no explanation on your website for the ADR prefix. Have you come across this before? do you know the actual engine size?
    Im based in Cape Town, South Africa

    1. We imagine that the AD is for 1600 Twinport, and the addtional R is for Remanufactured.
      As to the specification of the engine now, our guess would be 1600cc twinport built between 1970 and 73.

  24. Hi—

    I have a 1970 Karmann Ghia with an engine code BO. Everything that I can find only says that it is a non-USA engine. I can find no other information on it. It is a dual port and looks to be a 1600.

    Where can I look to get mote information on this engine? HP, best carb, best distributor, timing, etc….

    Also, is there a reason that it was not used in USA cars?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    1. Hi Joe, We would go with it being a ‘B’ coded engine, which was originally a 1600 single port. Sounds like the top end has been rebuilt to twin port spec. Originally the B code engine produced 47 bhp.
      Not sure why it wouldn’t have been available in the USA though?

  25. Hi there, got a bit of a issue. My engine number on my dune buggy is bs625903. Problem is this does not line up with any engine codes I have come across. Any chance someone has some insight into this issue.

    1. Hi Darryl, any chance the number could be B5….In which case it could be based on a 1600 single port.
      As with all things, what you have in front of you is the biggest clue. Is it Single or Twin Port?

  26. I bought a 1973 Beetle model GSR sport track and I woul like to be certain of the model. The serial number of the vehicule is 1332731308 and that of the engine is AE037417. Thank’s

      1. hi andy I have the same code “b” on my block b6242048 wanted to know if you can help identify block size and how can I tell if it’s a single port or twin . It has manifold with twin carbs.

        1. The B code was a single port – where the inlet manifold joins, is there one or two ports? You should be able to tell this from the design of the manifolds rather than taking it apart.

    1. Hi infinite facts! I have a Zink fVee with a 1964 or earlier front end, likely a ZinkC4 ? The engine code is HS 625394. It is a single port engine. I cannot seem to find this specific code.
      Also I would like to track down the SCCA number stamped onto the roll bar. It is NER252 possibly this could be VER? The other Stamp is 062-069. I am restoring this and would like to know its long history. It was last a motocross setup with Performance Improvement sponsorship around Lake Erie Canada. Thank you. Trevor Cass

  27. Purchased a 1971 VW Beetle VIN at driver window 2 days ago number is 1 1 1 222 8273. Does this line up for this year and model thank you

  28. Hi, I have an issue with DVLA they want my chassis no. before issuing a log book (no problem there I hear you say). I recently purchased the vehicle, the car has been altered…. so I have a 1969? VW Beetle Chassis and engine. Well in the chassis no. department all I have is a number stamped on the chassis which is the same as the VIN no. that has appeared on the last 6 MOT certificates in the VIN no. box. DVLA are saying it’s not a proper VIN no. because it’s not 17 digits long. I don’t know enough about VIN no’s to argue with them, all I know is that this is the only evidence I can find of a stamped no. and it’s suited the last half a dozen MOT’s. The number is 119618942 any assistance would be gratefully accepted.

    1. This seems bizarre Laurence; that chassis number looks typical of a 1969 Beetle to us. Maybe you just got a newbie when you spoke to the DVLA.
      Try again. If not, perhaps try and get an example of another 1969 Beetle V5 document to prove this is how they are?
      Is the vehicle now a Beach Buggy, or another kit car?

      1. It’s a Bugatti T35 replica now, the 2 people I have spoken to at DVLA and a chap they sent out to have a look at the car were less than helpful, the visitor took a picture of the engine no. huffed a few times, refused to look for a chassis no. or suggest where I should start because at that time I hadn’t found it (as it was caked in paint) and off he went. I’ll fill in their form and return it and see what happens next. Thanks for your comment it gives me more resolve to be a bit more steadfast.

  29. Hello,
    I am trying to decode the vin number 1572983233 for my 1977 Super Beetle Convertible. What I am trying to decode is if it is a Base model, Deluxe model, or a Champagne model. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Devin, to find out this level of detail you will need to apply for a birth certificate from VW. We are unable to tell you this information I’m afraid. Andy

      1. Thank you for the information.
        I have another question to ask. Is it possible to get a replacement vin tag located in trunk and vin sticker located in door channel for my VW?

        Thank you,

  30. Hi

    The VIN number on my Beetle is 1132 951 664/4. The engine number is AD278348. Would you be able to assist with the model year? I am in South Africa.


    1. Hi Brad, it looks like you have a 1973 model, built between December 1972 and July 1973. The engine number would indicate that it is a 1600cc Twin Port.
      Hope that helps. Andy

  31. I have a vw engine with the prefix AB 813838o . I have not found any thing for year or hp. The engine is being used on my trike.

      1. Hi Hank, the B code engine was a 1600cc single port, made between 68 and 70. It may well have had a twinport conversion since it was made though – and maybe even bigger capacity too.

  32. Hi,
    I have just purchased a off road buggy, I don’t know what year they used
    and it didn’t include a vin# just trying to find out engine size without
    taking it apart. The engine code is the vw recycled emblem and the letter B
    That’s all, any help would be appreciated.

  33. I have what looks like a 68 VW bug but can’t find any numbers other than engine number trying to get VIN number, any help would be helpful.
    #B 6436352

    1. Hi Jeremy, we won’t be able to help on that, sadly – if it’s not on the chassis (under the rear seats) or the documents, then you’re a bit stuck! Try checking old MOTs or service history?

    2. It should have a # stamped into the chassis under the rear seat on the tunnel right by or just under that little plate that covers the access to the shift rod bushing. Or there should be a metal plate riveted in the front aprin under the spare tire.

  34. Peter- 64 Baja

    G’Day people of vast VW knowledge. Just picked up a possible 1964 Beetle/Baja. I have searched for the VIN in all the places. Previous owner replaced floor pan, no numbers on dash and only a 5 figure number in front wheel well on a plate 53405, no sticker with data. I have been told 64 due to the sun roof. Engine number H1123105, does not match any serial number anywhere. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    1. With the help of a piece of chalk, I finally found this for the possible VIN 5997331. Mar/Apr 1960 for body and the engine in Jun 69 Would this be correct.

  35. Hi I lived in Brasil the number is “B4-178033” – It is a 1964 model , but for what do you said in article the motor is 1500 not 1200

  36. Need some help please , i live in South Africa, i have a beach buggy, the engine number is FAS442866 , can someone please help with identifying this engine, year, CC , country of origin etc.

    The VIN is AAPV0069480012153, similarly would like to find out as much as possible.

    any assistance would be appreciated

  37. I am trying to identify the year of a beetle I recently bought. the engine serial number is AF1077365, I found what I think is the Chassis number under the back seats but can’t seem to find any other identification numbers, the one under the back seat starts 11L007****, any ideas?

  38. I have recently bought a beetle, believe it is Mexican made.
    I think it is roughly 1973 basing off a few things I have seen online but I can’t seem to find any information on my Chassis number
    I have found the number under the rear seats stamped into the metal to be: 11L007****

    anyone seen anything similar to this number?

  39. I’m trying to decode a chassis number on a 1964 beetle. Its 6252079. Does anyone know if any of these numbers designate it as a RHD vehicle? Or if that is infered by telling what country it is to be shipped to?

  40. I’m trying to find out more about my 356 speedster kit car
    The chassis number is 3208837
    Engine number is 5339883
    There in no compliance plate on the car and this is becoming a problem
    I need to find the origin of the car so I can register it in Australia

  41. Can you please decode this engine number. B6119669 the last owner claimed it is the original 1300 engine for a 1966 beatle but I believe it is a 1600 thanks for your help

  42. I am trying to buy a replica car of a 1924 Ford Roadster Only numbers I find on the present title are 1968 Volk, Model CF. Other numbers are 682-5BF and AE 16063Z on the engine and title. It has a fiberglass body that resembles a 1924 Ford. The body is mounted on a 1934 Ford Chassis. I cannot find a VIN number but the present Title says Vehicle ID No. 118736961. Insurance can’t give me a quote without knowing the cc of the engine. The title is a South Carolina title and there is no VIN number.

  43. Hello,
    I have a short block built by a friend who, for years, owned a bug shop. The block is a replacement to go into a BMW motorcycle that originally had a 1300CC VW engine with block damage. The replacement block was to be built into a 1600 variant…crank and rods installed. The engine number is 707XXXX (from memory). I assume that the block originally from a 1200-1300? There is only one oil relief, and the rods are attached with nut and bolt. Question…will an earlier block successfully accept 1600cc components…pistons, jugs,etc? How can I determine which oil pump is required? What is the correct BDC? Add to this the fact that the work was done 20 years ago(that is what is known as a long-term project) and further information from my friend now unavailable.

    1. Is that 116 the number on a vin tag on the dash?
      It’s a 1976 not a 65. Check for a badge in the trunk under the spare tire. There is also another # stamped under the rear seat. If all 3 #’s are 116 the car is a 76 not a 65.

  44. My beetle body and pan are a 1966 for sure 116… but the engine is confusing. Its a small metal strip with 2 small looking rivets holding it on over where the number would normallu be stamped “B 5550 AD- 342853” ??

    1. If the number on the vinyl & chassis is 116 it’s a 1976 bug not a 66. The engine could be a remanufactured engine. Possibly one that was returned to vw or redone by a shop.

      1. Number on the vin not vinyl. Another way to tell is, cars delivered to the US weren’t required to have vin # tags in the lower left corner of the windshield until the 70’s

  45. I’m trying to decide if my VW Thing is a number matching vehicle. Although the code is a 183, it was manufactured in 10/73. The engine number is AH359087. As I research this it appears to be a California emission motor, but I can’t find the motor production date. If it’s numbers matching, I’ll keep the color original.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  46. Hello. My grandfather purchased an engine for his beetle but the guy that sold it to him wasn’t sure what year or if it was out of a beetle for sure. The engine has 2937315 and wr underneath that stamped onto the block. Any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you

  47. Hi, I have an oval rear window Beetle with a chassis number of 1-0990474. I have been told it is a 1956 build. Can anyone tell me if this is right and know how to find its actual build date?

  48. Just try to find out more of the engine I have on my dune buggy….all I have is the #007659 stamped below the gen.pedestal….

  49. Want to also find out please. My vw beetles engine no is 8FF1036602. What year model and engine type and capacity would it be please

  50. Hello this is my number. 1582050747 is there anyway to find out what factory a 78 convertible was manufactured at ?
    Which country?

    1. Hi Angelia, The Karmann factory produced all the Beetle Cabriolet models, so your vehicle would have rolled off the Osnabrück production line.

  51. I have a beetle and the dash VIN # is 1352215402 and the one on the front of the vehicle is 1342509403. I am unable to locate the engine ID I looked under the 1-4-3-2 and there is nothing there, is there another location for the ID number?

    1. The different #’s on the dash & front badge could be that someone has either put a different front aprin or has changed the dash. That’s not good. The engine # should be under the generator stand. Right in the middle where the two halves of the engine block go together.

  52. Hey there I just want to make sure I have this right…

    111 2693 829
    1971 Std. Beetle (Engine should be a 1200 34hp)

    On my engine I see: D1240624, which I can’t seem to place. On one site it tells me it’s an engine from 1972, another says its an Aftermarket part, but it doesn’t have the re-manufactured symbol. Are there any other resources I can check to figure out what kind of engine is in my bug before I start buying parts?

    Thanks in advanced this is a super helpful guide!

  53. I have a older VW frame found in my back yard. I have a chassis 10 digit number needing help to see what it is and if it has and value
    *1112366290* is the chassis number. Any info would help thanks

  54. Can you help me identify if it’s 1300 or 1500? 1974 beetle (brazil) and the engine number is BH 732 948. Thanks

  55. where can I find the engine number on a beetle engine manufactured in Mexico. There does not seem to be any number on the engine case below the generator pedestal

  56. Where can I find the engine number on a Beetle engine produced in Mexico . There does not seem to be a number on the engine case below the generator pedestal

  57. Can anyone help identify what I have?? Chassis under backseat says 2848383. I believe the engine numbers are AMO22522. Fingers crossed!

    1. The pan is a 1960 built between Dec 1959 & Jan 1960….you should have a badge in the trunk behind the spare tire. If that # matches the # under the back seat the body & pan are original numbers matching. I don’t think the motor is original though.

  58. have the opportunity to purchase a used VW engine and was wondering what year and type it is. the engine ser.# is B248956

  59. HI I have a 1974 vw cabrio RHD chassis no 1542013900
    I think it has a replacement engine could you tell me if it is a
    1300 or a 1600 the engine number is UG384824.

  60. Hi, i recently bought a 68 bug,that they turned into a baja. It had no motor, bought a motor from a friend. I purchased a new clutch, and it didn’t fit. My engine code is FO289597. Could you please help me fiqure out what motor and year, so i can get the proper clutch. the clutch assembly i purchased is a Sachs KF193-01. thank you for any help Carl Volinski

  61. I have the opportunity to purchase a used VW engine and was wondering what year and type it is. the engine ser.# is B248956

  62. This information and everyone’s comments are great. I found some additional answers here;
    but I still can’t find one little bit of information about one of my beetles. Stamped in the bodywork (not a tag) is “MEXICO”, so she is likely made in Mexico. Is there anyway to find out where? The front tag has sideways 06 for Pastel White paint then 47-4-0964 so she was born (made) November 16th or 23rd, 1971 (1122332### VIN) but I can’t find any info on the production code (0964).
    Does anyone out there know?

  63. Got a dune bugby. Not sure what year the motor is. I can see 7 #a good. But there is another one I think is a 9,8 or 6. Then 0674697.Any help with this is appreciated.

  64. I have a aircooled engine, the only numbers on it are on top of the casings. T R 059414. Can you help me to find out its origin, model and its cc it is a single port. The engine is forward facing of the wheels is it simply a case of flipping the differential back over to make it rear again or was it factory made this way, its a trike, no body work at all

  65. Hi I have a beetle with the following chassis number 1112233818 think it’s possibly a 1971 but unsure any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes your car is a 1971. The first # indicates that it’s a type 1 (beetle) the second # 1 indicates the 70’s models. The third # 1 is which of the years in the 70’s your car was built. 110 would be 1970, 111 a 1971, & 112 would be 1972 and so on.

  66. Hi I have a 1970 beetle with chassis no 1102921596 and an engine no of BD05311 – twin port. it states 1599 cc on v5.
    would this be the original engine or has it been changed at some point? any nfo would be helpful.

    1. Your car was built between April & May of 1970.
      The engine code you have is not familiar to me. It should be a B6###### I’m not saying your motor isn’t original. I can’t find any info on a BDO engine code. I hope this helps.

  67. Hi I have a 1970 beetle with chassis no 1102921596 and an engine no of BD058311 – twin port. it states 1599 cc on v5.
    would this be the original engine or has it been changed at some point? any nfo would be helpful.

  68. I’m trying to find out what model engine I have it’s on a motorcycle trike in the man I bought it from doesn’t know for sure. The number on the Block is 8552379. I’ve tried to research this myself but I’ve not had any luck any help would be appreciated

  69. I just purchased a 1965 beetle with 28000 original miles . The engine code is an AE******. Only 6 digits after the AE, and 6 volt. This seems to be inconsistent with the great info you have here? Any thoughts on that? The original owner says they never had the engine out since they bought it new. Thanks.

    1. Seems that either the Car is a 1971-72, or the engine must’ve been swapped to a 1971-72, as the “AE” wasn’t added before the 6 to 7 digits prior to 1971… Do the body numbers match that of a 1965?

  70. I have a 1970 bug. The engine has no number where it is supposed to be, just the letter “H”. Also have an opportunity to purchase an extra engine AK 138319. Can you tell me what the AK actually stands for? I believe its a 1973. Thanks

  71. Hi
    I have a vw maxi taxi with the chassis number 5089732 and engine number 7205777 but i can’t find a vin number. Can you help me, what year and what size engine? Also where to find vin?

  72. Hi I’m trying to find more information on my 1972 type 3 fastback. The chassis number is 3112192920. I’m mostly trying to find what the original car color is because I want to repaint it the color

  73. Good day…I have a question I am just interested if any body can help me Please..
    My 130cc Beetle Chassis number is 1122296710 is 1972..
    I have been told that it is was Imported in 1979..
    How can I find out where it came from.?
    The Reg number does not matter just where it came from.
    Would be great to know I just hope you will help me Please.
    Many Thanks ect…

  74. I have bought a 1964 beetle convertible.
    The previous owner told me the engine was replaced with a newer larger engine.
    The only numbers on the generator stand are 033828. No letters in front of this number.
    The car has been upgraded and is now a 12 volt system.
    How do I find the engine size and number?

  75. I bought a 1975 Beetle for my wife, The engine leaks oil and has very little compression, The engine needs to be redone but i am unable to identify engine or size of the engine. The Engine number is SFB 4505295. Maybe someone who know these engine might help me to identify this .

  76. I’m looking to buy a vw dune buggy model 113 where is the VIN number located? they have a title for it but I need to see if it matches the buggy

  77. Hi my engine number starts with DS 6…. the car is a beetle 1961, can you lease tell me what year the engine is?
    Thank you very much

  78. What year is the vin number produce and were was it made?
    Very hard to find info on this old girl.
    any info on the call out of this vin would be greatly appreciated!
    1 = vw
    7= ?
    ect Thank you

  79. Hi
    I just bought an old engine and am having trouble figuring out what block I have. It was in a 74 super but I have no history. Its dual port with a doghouse shroud. The block is stamped with the vw symbol followed by B6120849. Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.

  80. Good afternoon ,

    I purchased a 1927 Bugatti replica with a VW motor in it. The seller told me it came out of a 1963 Beetle. Well I ordered new carb, exhaust and chrome kit based on that but nothing kits. The only number I can find is in the generator tower and the numbers shows 6507380 do that tell you anything ?

    Thanks for your help. Dave

  81. Engine # is H5377124 and chassis # is 113301103. Can you determine the year of the motor, so I know what parts to order

  82. HI I have a beetle with chassis no 1767618. I want to know rather this chassis beetle is oval window or square window (large rear window)?

  83. Hi, I just bought a dune buggy, I’m trying to find out as much as I can about the vw engine that’s in it, it says
    Volkswagenwerk AG
    Made in Germany
    TYP 2H. Motor-Nr H062241X
    Typzeichen 10433
    Hubraum cm3 1493
    44 ps bei 4000 U/min
    If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it . thank you

  84. I have a 69 bug with an AH engine. Everywhere I looked it says it should be duel port but it looks like a single port engine.

  85. I have a vw dune buggy with chassis number 1102123649. Can someone please decode that number for me so I know what Im dealing with?


  87. i have I think is a 1975 VW beetle engine number bh799793 on top lanicao…………1432

    also I found some vin number it says FS002766 what is the real cc on this vw beetle and what year please help thanks

  88. HI! just bought a ’71 beetle: chassis 1112638097 with engine AE532263. Any information would be great. I’ve tried understanding the ID decode, but expertise would be welcome. thanks!

  89. I am trying to decipher what engine is fitted in my Rewaco HS4 trike.
    I have looked through the listings but mine is not there.
    The engine number is RE16K372M.
    Please can you help

  90. Hello i just got my 1970 beetle and would love to find out more can someone help me out? Sedan Production: 8/69 – 7/70
    Sedan Chassis: 110 2000 001 – 110 3100 000

  91. I purchased a 1960 VW Beetle, VIN 2797391. I haven’t been able to find the label that would have the build info. This vehicle has some unusual options and I am trying to find out more information. 1st, there is a gauge in the dash for Fuel, oil temp, and res – all in one gauge. I assume it is not original, but the dash doesn’t appear to be altered. 2nd, there is a badge on both sides, just behind the front tires. It reads: Volks-Wagen, Auto-Sebastian, Tel-2649, Weinheim a.d.B. 3rd, it has a Blaupunkt (radio?) and a STEREOFIDELITY (speaker adjustment knob?). All of these appear to be about the same age as the car. I love the car and want to restore it, so any information/history is greatly appreciated.

  92. Some data: chassisnr:151 2 012 310, and “Fahrgestell.-Nr” on the identification plate: 118 086 259. No motornr.!
    The car is a fine cabrio, we have been told that the car had been “living” in San Fransisco from ? until 2007, and then imported to Denmark. Are there anyone, who can help me with some identification etc.?
    Kindly regards from Lars / Denmark

  93. Unlike most of these questions, I have researched mine to no avail. I have a “dune buggy”, registered as a 1991. I was told it was actually a 1964. The engine # is a 1974. After removing the unknown substance covering the number on the hump, I find #12705xx.
    That is seven numbers. Truly someone butchered a classic. Would anyone care to give a shot at the actual year this was manufactured. Thanks

  94. Hi could any one tell me what my vw beetle engine is please.. Engine number B5553 F-336426 This engine is on a trike so have no more information.. Thanks

  95. Hello, I have a 1968 beetle and I want to rebuild the front-end. The tie-rods change in the middle of my year so I am needing to know if it’s pre May 1968, or post May. I’m thinking it was produced in late 1967 because it still has the 9 digit format, if the following website is correct, . Can you help verify this assumption?
    Vin #118 380 490

  96. I purchased a 1963 vw bug and engine # is 7170131, I cant seem to find info on what I have here , please help me know which engine I have.TY in advance.

  97. Hi my Daughter has a VW Beetle the Chassis Number is 119750554 and Engine Number is H1091828 we were told it was a 69 with a 1600 Motor but now a Mechanic has said its a 65 with a 1500 Motor.Totally confused now as to which it is.Any help please would be awesome thanks 😊

  98. Hi! just wondering if someone can help me – we need to know what type of engine we have for my ‘65 beetle. It has the engine number 8894273 -thanks

  99. Hi please can you help I have a import LHD beetle, the plate behind the spare wheel says 1142583321 the number underneath the rear seat stamped with 116918839 and the engine code stamped on the pedestal is F0863424 thanks in advance.

  100. Hola
    Necesito ayuda en cuanto al numero de chasi para un volksgawen beetle año 1969 tiene en el chasi el numero 1193 pero los dos números siguiente no se ven y los ultimos 3 dígitos se ven muy bien.
    Que puedo hacer para poder conseguir el numero de chasi completo.
    Ese volksgawen fue hecho en un buggy. Favor déjame saber. Muchas gracias



  102. Hi All,

    I just bought a Type 3 TLE with a D-Jetronic system. My VIN number 3132062051 but unfortunately it is missing the ID plate.
    An ID plate is required to register a vehicle in Australia after 1969. Is it possible to find someone here or someone they know that can print an ID plate? I also need some technical help to get the car running. Any help would be much appreciated.

  103. I am buying a vw beetle convertible with chassis number 609367. The owner claims it a 56 model and it’s an original cabriolet.

    Can someone help varify this please?

  104. Hi Everyone, I’m having trouble finding the the country of orgin for my 67 Beetle, based on the VIN.

    VIN: 117 699 429

    Also, I can’t find much information on the engine type, based on the Engine Code.

    Engine Code: B-427040

    Any information you could provide is extremely appreciated!


  105. Hi. Looking at getting a Beetle. The owner says its a 63 but the chassis number is 19693540 which I think indicates a 66. Engine number is 2960383. Any info would be great. Thanks.

  106. Hello, I am trying to identify an engine and would appreciate some help please. It is a twin port, twin Solex carbs and a generator. There is no prefix in front of the engine number. The number is 0526286.
    Thanks in advance.

  107. I have a 1969 Karmann Ghia and judging by its serial number (body/chassis match) 149577457 it would appear it was manufactured in ‘early’ 1969 from what I can tell on the various websites. The engine however is an AE111984 which would seem to indicate its a 1600 produced in maybe late 1970 but probably on a different car given the time difference; it’s clearly a single port currently but wondering if it was originally built that way. I’m wondering if I have deciphered this all correctly, appreciate your help. Thanks…drb

  108. I have a 1966 bug with the chassis number 86-305530 and an engine number of B435072. I need a cylinder head and want to be sure to get the right one. I have tried and looked and cannot distinguish what I have. Any ideas?

  109. I bought a dune buggy, the Engine Vin number is AE 445662. I’d love to know the year of this motor so I can start buying parts. Thanks for the help.

  110. Hi, i have a vw beetle with engine number 6102623 and chassis number 5651181 could you tell me some information on this please. thanks Nev.

  111. Hi I just bought a 1965 Baja bug. Was wondering what year and size of motor. Motor #AM027182 can someone shed some light on this thanks

  112. Hi there,
    I have a 1973 beetle jeans with elephant tail light.
    It was registered in January 1973.
    The thing is, that from what I know, beetles with elephant tail lights were manufactured from the middle of 1973…
    If anyone can help me out with this, it would be helpful.
    The chassis number is 1132266972 engine number D1013735 (original engine).

  113. Is it possible to find out which number out of the 21.5 million my bug is? I read that somebody has the 19th ever built. Just curious.
    Many thanks

  114. Hey there could you help me telling me what kind of engine i have Aording to te aj it’s suppose to be a 1600 fuel injection but that is all i can tell. Thanks here is the # aj087715

  115. Hi I need help please cant find any thing on the NR i found between the seats of the beetle im interested in

    Info will be appreciated,

  116. Good morning!

    I normally rebuild type 4 engines, and a friend of mine has dropped of a early VW engine from a Canadian built over snow machine, what stands out it the generator support is part of the engine case casting.

    the engine number is 122-4153

    Im looking for help so that i may order the correct rebuild parts

    many thanks


  117. I’ve recently bought an old VW Beetle as a restoration project , it’s an August 1970 reg, the Chassis no. 1102237769 & the Engine number is H1165206 , the chassis is for a 1300 – 40hp , but the Engine that’s fitted seems to be a 1500 – 44hp ? I think it could be a recon engine fitted 20 years ago I’m not sure? Log book says 1300? It’s a bit confusing when ordering spare parts ? Is it a type 1 or a type 2? It has front disc brakes & drum shoes on the rear ? Can I get some history information about when engine was fitted? Thanks !

  118. Hi i have a trike with a vw flat four engine, its supposed to be a 1.6, engine number is UG380112
    Many thanks colin

  119. Hi Just bought a VW 73 by title 74 by VIN. Anyhow the rest of the numbers confused me. Can I get some clarification so I can buy the correst parts?
    Chassis Number from the sticker and the post is:114 2082 939
    Eng number is H231743

  120. Hi everyone. I have an engine here, a 1600 which I believe to be Mexican. The engine number is RE16K525M . Anybody who can give me some info on that engine? I want to check the ignitiontiming but don’t know what engine it is…..

  121. Hi there, I have a 1960 Australian assembled CKD beetle with a chassis number 3050119 and I have found an engine number S6864570 but I can find no connection on the internet of these numbers being a matching numbers car but I am told it is a matching numbers car.

    Can you shed any light on this for me please?

  122. Hi, I have a black (i believe original colour) 1303 karmann cabrio. Apparently it was an import from Namibia and looks to be a genuine right-hooker (despite Namibia being an ex-German colony where they drive on the left…).
    DVLA has said it is a 1300cc 1973 manufactured car, and was imported into the UK in 1979. The VIN and engine numbers i have don’t quite work for the above information. They are 1132749541 (VIN) and U 0499960 (engine) with 211-101-101/102 heads.

    Is there anybody out there who can help me, please!

  123. Hi my name is Gérémi i’m from Québec Canada
    My grand father give me is old dune buggy and i cant fine what’s the year
    On the frame the number i found is 459313 and on the engine is 0204803 thanks every one if you can help me i dont know if the engine is a 1200 or 1600 ???

  124. Hi all, i’ve recently pulled my old mk1 GP buggy out of the shed after 30 years and wanted to have it re-registered with the correct number plate (currently on a 64 plate but reg docs say 61).

    Can anyone confirm my VIN is in fact a 1961?

    Tunnel stamp – 3693663

  125. I can not find the sicker with the paint code. Only have the Chasis and Engine numbers. However seems that my 70s Beetle was blue at the begining. Is there any way to find the color without the sticker?

    What can you tell me with this info about my beetle?

    Engine H1210061
    Chasis 1102657325

  126. Hello.

    Maybe someone could help me. I just picked up a 1965 VW Beetle that has a sunroof but I am trying to find more information to see if it came originally with it and with the engine that is installed in it and the color it came from the factory.

    Chassis: 115931330
    Engine: AE495910

  127. Hy i got a kombi in the Philippines block numbers LTCVW 1246E Chassis number 219079134 what can you telll me with this info about my Kombi as in year and cc

  128. Hello
    Can anyone help to find this beetle:
    chassis number – 2523665
    Engine number – 3068419
    Car came from Mozambique in 75
    VW Beetle Conduit 1957

  129. Good Morning! I appreciate you putting together this guide. Unfortunately, I STILL can’t figure out what I have. My car turns 50 this year and I really want to know the actual date of manufacture so we can have a bday party for my beetle! I would also love to know if my engine is the same year as my car.

    VIN# 119827564(from the plate in front window)
    Engine # H0272798
    Thank You Very Much, Jen

  130. Hi, I found engine 1200 cc for sale with the following number 22 – 165 800 can anybody help me which year it is ? Thnks for help !

  131. Good afternoon. I just purchased a 1974 super beetle. My questions are how would I find out if it’s a sun bug model. It has the gold color in the door jams and trunk. It was painted white since. The paint color code sticker is half missing but says (hellas) under the word Diamant. The car has the wood paneling dash board and a consoul around the shifter. The Chasis number is 1342589325. Also I have the original owners book that says it’s a model 1171. The warranty voucher that’s in the book says model 1171 chassis 1342589325 engine number ah379997. It has a sunroof but I have nothing stating it’s a sunbug model and can not locate anything to help me. Please any help would be great. This is my first restore car I bought and cant wait to know its history.

  132. Hi, my vin number on beetle is 1112857642
    Just bought it and I’m not sure wether it is a German or Yugoslavian Beetle, and what engine does it have.
    Any help?

  133. Hello I have a ’76 Volkswagon beetle with the engine number AE418942. Can anyone decipher it and get me the info, please? Thank you

  134. Hi! I probably shouldn’t have, but I bought a Burro buggy with a bill of sale. I would like to legalize the car in Mi. The bill of sale says the chassis is a VIN #3602294 and supposedly a 1963 VW Beetle. The engine carries a # AK089411 and is supposed to be a 1974 1600. I found the engine number, but cannot find the chassis # anywhere. Is that at least a valid chassis number for that year? Thanks, Tony

  135. looking for info on engine. registered as 1964 beetle, chassis number 6246697, originally a 6 volt car, engine serial is DS416603.

    looks like single port, has PICT30 carb.


  136. Hi good day I have a 1970 beetle with an engine number starting with B6041696 can you tell if this is a 1300 or 1500 I try to get information on it but no luck

  137. 8171502 . Must be a pre 65? Can you please help me identify this bad boy? I just got me a sand rail!
    Low low oil pressure, not getting to the lifters.
    Going to try a new oil pump, if that doesn’t work we will re build it !!
    But first lol, I have to figure out what I have here!

  138. I just bought a Manx and it’s sitting on a 1956 pan I am trying to find out information about my engine. The ID number is B6198978 any information is appreciated

  139. 1970 beetle 1300 ??
    Trying to work out if I have a 1200 chassis that’s been later registered as a 1300
    Chassis plate no :
    110 811485

    Also will a 1300 vented front bonnet fit a 1200 ???

    Thanks in advance

  140. Chassis number is 2868136 engine number is AE 911638 and it a convertible what year is it and size motor does it have

  141. I just bought a VW Beetle that was one of the promo cars from Pespi. It was rebuilt in the late 1990’s for a promotional thing. I got it in Arizona it is registered in Arizona as a 1970. I checked under the rear seat and the VIN matches the title which is 1102773393. The problem is I found another VIN in the front behind the spare tire and it is different. That VIN is 1122879449. This VIN is from 1972. The engine # is B5016332. I guess my question is this. What will California look at? AND is my car actually a 1972 and not a 1970? It does have the four vents on the back of the engine lid. Another question would be how different are they with regards to parts like the dash, interior, electrical, etc? I want to make sure when I go to register this vehicle that is is correct on the title.

  142. Here is my chassis code for my bug. Can someone help me decipher please

    5815506. taken from under the rear seat.
    the number on the engine is 8040714

    thank you

  143. Help please! I cannot locate a vin plate anywhere on this big to tell me anything because it was converted to a Baja. The # stamped under rear seat is 3617956
    Engine # is 9065909 and a WD stamped below the number.

    Can anyone assist me in identifying the year, engine size?

  144. I have to Volkswagen dune buggies and I’ve had a hard time identifying the year of the motor so I can buy the proper parts one of them the engine code is h 33930 to the best I can tell that’s a 1500 CC from 1967 to 1970 my other buggy engine code is 126 – 042825 that’s the one I’m having a hard time finding any information on I haven’t checked the stroke but the boar is and 87 mm so I’m thinking it’s somewhere around a 1700 cc to 1800 cc motor just not sure on the year

  145. Hi can you help with my engine details ? I purchased a 2004 Rewaco trike in the UK, I believe it original came from the Netherlands The engine is a VW 1600 twin carb air cooled .

    Engine number RE16K143 . I need to get it serviced but repairer needs to know what year it is.
    Thanks for any help you can give .

  146. Need help with number that was found not on the build plate but a separate thinner plate 136031 0735. I have worked out that it is a 74 model right hand drive built in A
    ustralia. Am hoping the other numbers may help with original paint colour.. Any info would be appreciated

  147. hey I need help, my brother has an early model, he reckons early to mid 50’s judging by the case but wants to work out the exact year. The engine number is 2013833 but the chassis doesn’t have a number

  148. Hi all, not sure if this post is still active
    I have a chassis number only 7 numbers long?? needing help determining if correct year model for body and any other information please and thank you ……

  149. Good day! MY 1974 Beetle standard has a plate attached with 2 rivits over the original engine number. On the plate is stamped 5550 B- 397943. Can you tell me what this is?
    Thank you for your time

  150. Hi,
    We’re trying to work out if our beetle is right.
    It’s a 66 body with factory metal sliding roof. But the chassis number on the pan is 5716032 which according to vw on the birth certificate is a 1963 pan shipped as ckd to South Africa. The car was registered 1966 and declared manufactured as 1965. Was it a case of they built the car with various parts in 65? We know it’s not had a chassis swap in the last 25 years.

  151. I have 1 of the 1000 commemorative ” Silver Metallic Blue “only sold in the US “Baja Champion S.E.” ((..special edition..)) cars”…
    How can I know WHICH one of the 1000 I have…??

    Is it the 31st… 60th.. 478th.? …..999th..? The 1st….. or the 1000th.?

    Is there a certain digit I need to look at on the VIN# to tell…? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance..

  152. Howdy, I recently acquired an engine from a guy but he could not tell me anything about it other than it was new, not sure he meant new or newly rebuilt, I’m assuming the later. I am looking at putting it in a 65 Baja. Got any ideas as to what it is?
    Eng code CBO24217.
    Only other number is 021.119.225A which I assume is a part number.

  153. I recently picked up a beetle and my engine number is ACD220292. I can’t find what year it is can someone help me find out.

  154. Hi All.
    I’m having problems de-coding a Beetle chassis number 1112890484. It’s on a 1971 car but one or two things don’t add up and I’m worried it’s “a ringer”.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  155. My Chassis no on the registration reads :
    Engine no:

    but the engine says 1300 cm^2 on the registration, yet the code implies 1.6.

    I am very confused, please help

  156. I have a salvaged VW motor made in Mexico without the numbers stamped in the normal location (below the generator stand) the only markings I found were under the tubes on the side of the block. “Mexico AS 41” below that “8m 043.101.101A” I assume from the number it is a 1600 50bhp engine? I don’t know how to read the rest any clues? thanks

  157. Dear Sirs

    I am finishing to repair a VW Bettle 1950 split window car, with mechanical brakes
    In the plate number the Chassi nº (Fahrgestell nº) is 1 – 0154520
    But just bellow the plate on the body pannel is engraved 103220
    What is the meaning of this number ?

    Best regards

  158. Hi Guys. I have what I think is a 1959 South African beetle, serial number is 2646098 paint code C. It has a plate that says “Body No 31493”. Can anyone shed any light on this car. Thanks.

  159. I have a dune buggy and can not figure out how to the engine year and type ID # AE931611 and the chassis ID # *118610239 can you please help me in identifying my new project. Thank You Chris

  160. Hi just bought an engine with 122 -201695 engine code can anyone identify what year and possibly what model lt is please

  161. Hi,
    I have a classic beetle engine.
    I got a new coyle and new distributor, it still doesn’t seem to be getting spark, it is turning over ok and fuel is getting in. But I’m wondering maybe should have more cables from the coyle straight to the started or batt?
    There is no body on this.

    Thanks for any help.

  162. I have a recently purchased 2018 VW Beetle. Incidentally, it is the 4th Bug I’ve owned over my lifetime. I found a listing of the option codes on this vehicle and wanting to know how to decipher what each means. I have looked online, somewhat, but without any luck.

    Hi, I need some help identifying my fiberglass buggy frame year, and engine size and year.
    The frame number that is being passenger and driver is:
    FRAME: 4472124
    The Engine number below the Generator pedestal is:
    ENGINE: 6536205 (no LETTER codes before numbers)

    thanks and please help.

  164. Trying to find info on my Beetle but running in circles.
    VIN indicate 1970 and 1600cc Dual Port.

    Engine number Starts with SFBR. ???? Could be sub-assembly for South Africa???
    Intake Manifold is single port and the carburettor is the SOLEX 30 PICT 1 which I believe is for the 1300cc and only used till 1967….????

    Big Time Confusion…..
    Any help, pointers, contacts in South Africa that could help will be greatly appreciated


  165. Hi

    I just bought a glorious little red 1970 VW Beetle named Alexander, and by following the information on this great thread and with a bit of elbow grease (acetone and a toothbrush), I have found the following
    VIN: 1102 132 299
    Chassis no: 114A0C85
    Engine no@ AD119506

    It is a convertible, although the ID plate says sedan. Also, it has an autostick transmission which is playing up with what appears to be an electrical fault. I’m wondering is anyone can help me with any useful information. I am interested in trying to find the history, an operators and a parts manual, and the best place to take it for a good service and some work on the transmission. And any other hints, tips and helpful information about this great little project. Cheers, Emma

  166. Hi my name is Greg
    I recently bought a very unique buggy that I’m trying to find out more information about. Not sure whether or not the serial numbers are correct. The one riveted underneath the rear set matches the one on the frame. not sure if someone removed from the body and reinstalled on buggy body. Anyhow just looking to find out some info on year and what size motor was originally installed?
    The s/n is 1122607180.
    Thanks for your help,

  167. I have two 1966’s I would like information on:
    1) Beetle Sedan VIN 116 297 339
    2) Beetle Cabriolet VIN 156 349 931

  168. Hello,

    My Vin is 116892782 and my engine only shows 0644972, I have no idea what the engine size is, and the only thing I have to go off of is that it is a 1966 beetle so maybe 1300. It is supposedly supposed to have a letter in front of the engine serial number and I don’t see that.
    Not sure if I should keep this engine or go for something different if this is not original to the vehicle. Any suggestions?


  169. My Westfalia VIN# is WV2PC0702PH008013 is a 1993. Can you tell me the year the engine # MWK3-023-133-223 was produced?

    Thanks, Grant

  170. Hello
    I have two vw engines and would like to identify the year of manufacture.
    BZ 306139
    AS 242767
    I think they are 1600 50 bhp.

  171. Yes trying to figure out the year of my husband vw engine it’s in a dune buggy and have no other info other than 1-4-3-2. And the F0760037. We have been trying to find flange seal for the rear and have not hand any luck they are all to big. Please help

  172. Hi There. I recently purchased a VW dune Buggy. Engine block stamp is 8504486. VIN # 3632110746. THe car is titled as a type 3 sedan. I’m a little lost and caught up in a VW vortex.
    I’m not trying to restore a masterpiece. But I’d like to get on the right track for part ordering.
    Any help would be awesome!

  173. Hello! I recently bought a 1973 RHD Super Beetle. I am confused regarding its true year and the engine capacity.

    The chassis number is : 1332852427
    Engine number: AE 903394

    Would be grateful if anybody could help me!

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