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As we reported originally here, and gave an update here, the government has already put plans in place to introduce a new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) for London. It was originally feared that classics would be banned from central London, but it transpires that it will result in older, more polluting cars incurring an extra charge on top of the current congestion charge to enter central London. A recent statement, however, means there’s good news for owners of ‘historic’ cars…

The legislation, which will take effect in roughly five years’ time, means cars that don’t meet Euro 6 for diesel (introduced in September 2014) or Euro 4 for petrol (introduced in 2005) will be charged to enter the central city zone (broadly the area covered by the current congestion charge scheme). Non-compliant vehicles will have to pay £12.50 per day plus the congestion charge, currently £11.50.


The latest release from Boris Johnson’s office, however, is that cars which have a ‘historic’ vehicle tax class will be exempt. That means, cars that are 40-years or older on a rolling basis, in other words any cars made before 1980 won’t have to pay the charge when the ULEZ rules go live on September 7, 2020. More classics will become exempt as the years go by, but owners of VWs from the eighties, nineties and later will have to stump up the cash! show

With a total charge of £24 being levied per day for more modern classics, it could certainly put organisers off arranging events in the centre of London. That said, at least, as was first feared, the government isn’t banning older cars completely!


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  1. Currently congestion charge is not levied at weekend, will this also apply to the new charge?
    If so then as most classic car runs (including our Buggy run to the Ace Cafe ever September) will remain free as they tend to be at weekends, after al camping in the city is pretty sparse.

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