Bag a VW Beetle with a touch more class….

For those with illusions of grandeur or a mischievous desire to turn a few heads and probably raise a chuckle at the next VW show, how about this Rolls-Royce Beetle…

“Fire up the Macintosh Jeeves, there’s one of those strange motor vehicle thingies that I would very much like the pleasure of purchasing…”

Picture 4small

There’s no doubt this undisputedly ‘different’ looking Roll-Royce inspired 1303 Beetle would probably look quite at home in front of Stanford Hall this coming weekend. Although you have to admit, it’s unlikely to appeal to the purist – or the shy and retiring…

Picture 6small

Based on a 1973 1303 Super Beetle, you certainly can’t argue with the eBay listing here which describes it as “one of a kind.” Obviously the front end’s been totally custom made with twin Rolls headlights (from a Silver Shadow) and an auspicious looking chrome grille. Meanwhile, the recognisable Beetle bootlid’s also been replaced with something a lot more stately looking. Solid wheels and a black and white paint finish add to the Bug’s posh, grandiose demeanour. Inside, too, it’s gone all la-di-da with its leather seats.

Picture 112upBeetle back


Engine-wise, it’s had an aftermarket carb fitted by the looks of it – and there’s a rather unusual bespoke looking rear silencer featuring rather purposeful straight-thru tailpipes.

Picture 82up200Picture 92up200

We’re uncertain of its exact origins, but it looks like the bespoke bodywork has all been executed quite nicely. Whether those front wings are metal or fiberglass is unknown. Notice the delicate torpedo shaped side indicators by the fuel filler flap? I once owned an Italian-registered Beetle Cabriolet with those and being left-hand drive this could point to the fact that it too originated from Italy. That perhaps also explains why the vendor says the underside is in such fantastic condition with no rust.

Picture 5small

So far, at the time of writing at least, there had just been two bids (just topping £4,000) – but the reserve had not been met. The auction ends Saturday. What do you think?


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  1. Hi To all who read this.My name is Gary Richardson and i own a body repair /restoration garage called Paint”N”Place,and have done for 46 years and i built this amazing creation from a parts car, that blue its engine whilst over here on holliday from took 2 years to complete and i think it is one of my best works to date.The last owner told me that the car now lives in Dubai.anc commented that i have tremendous vision and tallent to creat such a work of art such as this.Great to see it again.if anybody wants to know more about this Beetle you can call daytime 01670 820000 or mob 07702 669329.i have a private collection of 6 car amazing Beetles and stilll collecting and restoring them.

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