Pull & Bear give VW buses a new paintjob in Paris

We all know the VW bus is cool, but now the supposition has been confirmed once and for all by a top fashion outlet who used a number of iconic split screen buses in a publicity stunt when opening a new store in France’s capital…

The stunt tagged #pullcustomvans was the inspiration of posh Spanish clothing chain Pull & Bear and involved four artists being invited from across the globe to unleash their creative wherewithal on four unsuspecting split screen VW buses (or are they.. after studying the pictures a little further, something doesn’t look quite right!)


The ‘classic Dubs’ were then parked outside the newly opened store in Paris to attract attention and generally raise awareness of the brand. Anyone who photographed them and uploaded the images to their Instagram account, apparently, were eligible to be entered into a special draw to win one of the artists’ works.

Picture 92upPicture 52up

One of the artists involved in the creative VW-based project, Michela Picchi, who spent moments in her studio transforming a plain white split screen van into a manic explosion of colour was suitably thrilled when approached by the Paris outfit Pull & Bear. “It was Wow! Being asked to get involved in such a project is the dream of any illustrator, more so when it is about an icon which is so important for a generation, and particularly when they are later going to be exhibited in a city like Paris.”

Picture 2small

We hope Paul Smith is reading this, although admittedly parking space is somewhat limited outside his Covent Garden emporium.


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