VW Heritage customer down under buys a ’70 single cab VW bus

Having finished the restoration of his 1958 rag top Beetle and 1966 Type 3 Fastback, we knew it wouldn’t be long before regular VW Heritage customer Ross Clarke found another project… Having missed out a gorgeous Porsche 356 which just needed ‘tidying’, he’s ended up with an altogether more challenging new addition to his classic VW fleet…

Ross, from Queensland, Australia, has just bought this 1970 single cab VW bus, covering almost 600km on a marathon 13-hour trip from his home to Byron Bay on the Oz coast to retrieve it.


A pretty positive initial appraisal by Ross when he first saw the early low light in the flesh was confirmed on the way home by his panel beater/sprayer. “He liked what he saw and agreed to sand blast, repair, undercoat and then paint,” said Ross. “ Of course I have to strip it down first,” he added.


Ross has already shown interest in our T2 repair panels as well as a replacement wiring loom (part no 214-971-134/C), which of course, we’re eager to supply in order to get his latest project up and running.


The only real bugbear seems to be the lack of keys, “although maybe a set will appear later,” smiles Ross optimistically. Meanwhile, he’s got the rare pick up under cover ready for the strip down to take place in earnest and no doubt he’ll be working on other stuff such as the engine (it came with a spare!) while the rest of the vehicle’s being worked on.

We’ll keep you posted on progress…


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