Revo Test: 2005 Mk5 Golf GTi Dyno

Keen to keep up with the times VW Heritage have started working on more modern Volkswagen vehicles too, and as well as offering Revo performance software we can also supply and fit Milltek exhaust systems to make your newer Dub go even better. We spent an afternoon doing some testing, exploring the differences in both software and hardware upgrades on a 2005 Mk5 Golf GTI.

Benjamin, our Technical Specialist, owns the Golf in question, and was happy for us to use it as a guinea pig. Already knowing the gains the Revo performance software offered, we were keen to test the benefits of the TFSI intake from Revo.

Golf GTI - Revo Reg

The Car:
This late 2005 Mk5 Golf GTi 2.0 litre TFSI, equipped with 6-speed manual ‘box, started life with 197bhp. Having clocked up nearly 163,000 miles, this example was perfect for a real world test, a car that the majority of us could have on our driveways, not a brand new, zero mile car like those often used to provide us with ‘best case scenario‘ performance figures.

Picture 82up

GTi seat feature

The Setup:
The car was almost standard, the only modification being a Turbo Back 3in Milltek ‘Race System’ and some higher octane Shell V-Power fuel.

Picture 82up

GTi seat feature

The Test:
Making the trip to Devil Developments in Littlehampton, the car was put on the dyno for the fun to begin. Starting with the car in stock mode, a figure of 213bhp was achieved, showing the benefits of a free flowing exhaust, even on the smaller K03 turbo’d cars. We loaded on the Stage 2 file and once set up, 258bhp was achieved. A 45bhp increase from software alone.

After removing the stock intake and replacing it with the Revo 2.0TFSI intake, we then dyno’d the car again in both stock mode and Stage 2.

The engine as standard and then the engine with the Revo intake added.

Picture 132upNEWPicture 102upNEW

On the stock setup, a 10bhp gain from the intake seemed impressive enough, but the difference at Stage 2 was greater again, leading to a peak figure of 277.6bhp,  20bhp higher than the standard intake. Peak torque figures were also up by 25 and 35lb ft from stock and Stage 2 respectively.

Below are the results from the dyno for the stock software pre and post intake.

Stock ChoppedStock with Intake Chopped

Below are the results from the dyno for the Stage 2 software pre and post intake.

Stage 2 Dyno ChoppedStage 2 with Intake Chopped

  Peak BHP Peak Torque
Stock      213      245
Stock (+ Intake)      223      270
Stage 2      258      315
Stage 2 (+ Intake)      278      350


I am sure you will agree that the above figures are impressive. It certainly made a huge difference to the way the car performed. Peak figures are great but the performance gains throughout the engines rev range is what you need on the road for better drivability.

Over 50% of our customers drive Diesel engine vehicles, which means it’s not just the performance petrol engine cars that can be improved with Revo products.

If you have a taste for performance or want to know if you can be getting more from your petrol or diesel engine Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda, give us a call or visit our Revo page here.


The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of VW Heritage


4 responses to: Revo Test: 2005 Mk5 Golf GTi Dyno

  1. These intakes are superb, well engineered so fit nice in the engine bay, sound fantastic and produce great gains!

    I covered over 20000 miles with one fitted to my S3 Audi and it was faultles. It was initially installed with Revo Stage 1 running around 310bhp and later running Revo Stage 2+ and over 360bhp. Crucially the Revo intake has the same MAF scaling as the OEM intake system, this is very important as it allows the Ecu to calculate airflow correctly and is one of the key factors to the great gains from this intake!

    For those who are considering using Revo products do it! They are top quality products and a company that cares about thier customers and expectations. That can also be said for Vw Heritage, they are a top quality company that always go the extra mile. I have always dealt with Chris who has been superb, even checking a few weeks down the line that I was still happy with the Remap and associated parts.

    To put in context how happy I have been with Revo and Vwheritage they provided 90% of the parts and setup of my S3 that unfortunately is no longer with me, but only this morning i popped in and had My new 3.0 tdi Audi Q7 remapped with them and although it’s early days the gains are just brilliant far more responsive and enough grunt to keep most hot hatches honest, and I did the first trip in it where it managed over 34mpg previously I couldn’t beat 28mpg.

    Keep up the hard work guys, im sure I’ll be back soon spending more money hopefully on an 8v S3 Saloon, just don’t tell the wife!


  2. These guys are fantastic at what they do the service is second to none.just having a Revo remap made such a difference it was unbelievable.

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