Fancy a winter project?

As the night’s draw in, a lot of us will be looking for a suitable project to while away the worst of the winter weather. But it would have to be a brave person, indeed, to take on this trio of somewhat worse for wear Karmann Ghias spotted for sale recently in the classifieds…

Among a mess of mangled rusty metalwork, there’s actually three 1960s-era Karmann Ghias up for grabs, which the seller wisely describes in a masterstroke of understatement as being in a “fairly sad condition.”

Picture 4small

According to the hopeful vendor, the cars, advertised on Australian Gumtree, have been sitting outside in the Dandenongs – a suburb of Melbourne – for a number of years with the last one having been registered for use as recently as 1981 from what we can gather. At least the seller is realistic enough to state that “None of the cars are good enough to restore, but good for parts/spares.”

Picture 1small

From the photos we reckon the hubcap and wheeltrim on one could be used, and the bonnet of another of the cars looks in half reasonable shape. And actually, if you look at the inner wing on the most complete example, we’re positive something could be salvaged.  We’re not as convinced about the state of the floorpan on the third car though which looks to have a gaping big hole at the front on the passenger side. Not unless it was for one of the Flintstones…

Picture 22upPicture 32up

The rolling chassis also has an engine, apparently, and the sale includes a number of other spares – and even a workshop manual which we imagine could come in useful.

And the price? A not inconsiderable $3950 AUD – which equates to roughly £2200. As a winter project – hmmm, probably not…


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