Crazy Mk2 eBay project

Ebay serves as a magnet for those wanting rid of unfinished projects and a treasure trove for canny buyers in search of a bargain. Talking of which, this custom rear engined Mk2 Golf pickup project got our fingers hovering above the ‘bid now’ button recently…

Judging by the description and images, it’s one of the most ambitious projects we’ve seen for a while and despite having already done a huge chunk of the fabrication, it’s no wonder the Gloucester-based seller has decided to throw in the towel – his decision, it seems, being prompted by the actions (or lack of) a bodyshop where the car has been sat for the last three years. “I’ve lost interest, so I am putting it up for sale,” said the vendor, adding somewhat optimistically “it’s been prepped but needs finishing and spraying.”

Picture 8small

According to the item description, the car started life as a 1.3 four-door and the seller chopped the back off to make it into a two-door pickup. A full rollcage and chassis have been custom fabricated and the bonnet altered to open sideways. The rear has a custom built cover and the roof’s been cut and sloped to accommodate an intercooler which in turn is intended to feed the planned rear mounted engine with the necessary gusts of cool air. It’s been built to take a VR6 turbo lump.

Picture 5small

Other cosmetic tweaks include Audi door handles, a totally smoothed G60 arch and bumper kit and a Mk3 dash conversion – all of which have been mocked up into place for the sale.

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The seller says he has most of the parts needed to complete the project, including glass, lights, engines, turbos, a full VR6 wiring loom with ECU as well as brakes, subframes, hubs, calipers, intercooler, alloy fuel tank, short intake inlet manifold and huge stainless exhaust – the list, apparently, is endless. “I’ve also got five litres of Lamborghini pearl orange paint which cost me £400 which will be included,” stated the vendor ‘Cliff’.

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Added the hapless and obviously dead disappointed would-be rear engined Mk2 builder: “This will be one hell of a show car when completed and will pull crowds wherever it goes. I’ve put so much money and time into this car – it just needs someone to finish it.”

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At the time of writing the sale had ended after a flurry of interest and 19 bids. However the last bid at £1,020 wasn’t quite enough to reach the reserve. Apparently it’s about to be relisted, so you’ll still have a chance to bid on it and get yourself a totally cool winter project. And one thing’s for sure – there’s unlikely to be another Mk2 like it…


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