Wood you believe it?

Check out this custom Beetle made up of 20,000 pieces of hand-crafted slices of oak, meticulously built on the chassis of a 1975 Bug. With help from his wife it took its creator, 57-year old Momir Bojic, a grueling 18 months to build…

Former VW plant worker Momir from Bosnia and Herzegovina styled the wooden Beetle on the wooden-tiled roofs that are characteristic of his homeland, and the detail he’s gone to is pretty incredible.

Picture 6small

Inside the steering wheel, dash, gear lever, parcel shelf and switchgear are all finished in wood, while the bumpers, wing mirrors and even the pedals have been given the ‘oak’ tile treatment.

Even the radio aerial has been lovingly sculptured although, unlike the car itself, we don’t suppose it gets much of a reception.

Picture 4small

Incredibly, each slice of wood underwent 23 different processes, including cutting, chamfering, beveling, drilling and smoothing before they were glued on to the vehicle.

Picture 5small

Picture 3small

More amazing still is that the wooden Bug actually drives and is completely road legal. Though body rust obviously won’t be an issue, we only hope he’s invested in some decent wood treatment!


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