Do the hokey-Volky!

VW’s AutoMuseum in Wolfsburg is truly phenomenal and well worth a visit. But if you’ve been and are looking for your next fix of Volkswagen nostalgia, check out Volkyland in Puerto Rico – and maybe grab yourself a beach holiday at the same time…

It has to be said, Volkyland is quite incredible. It’s an eclectic collection of over 200 Dubs – along with a few Porsches thrown in for good measure – arranged over two huge halls. There’s basically everything from the very earliest Beetles, including an original 1947 split rear window, to military vehicles, Cabriolets, buses, commercials and everything in between. Some of the cars look original, others appear to have received moderate and sometimes bizarre customisation. Regardless – it’s guaranteed to prove a fascinating place to visit and crucially it’s unlikely that any of the exhibits will have been seen anywhere in Europe.

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The museum, which is possibly the largest private collection of VWs in the world, is operated by a charity called The Foundation de Volkswagen d Puerto Rico, and was the brainchild of long time VW enthusiast and VW drag racer Dr Norman González Chacon who is fulfilling his lifetime dream of gathering the most exceptional and historic Volkswagens in the world. The collection grows weekly and according to the testimony on the museum’s website, he considers the vehicles as not only ‘rolling sculptures’ but as members of his own family.

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The sections include vehicles from the 1940-‘70s, military vehicles, service vehicles, specialty cars and race cars. You can check out what’s on display by visiting the museum’s excellent website.

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Highlights for us include a fascinating military section which includes a fully restored Schwimmwagen, Kuebel, an ultra rare Type 825 army Beetle pick up and a chunky looking Type 87 Beetle Kommanderwagen, of which it is thought just 669 were made. You can also see Norman’s drag car with its whopping supercharger.

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There’s also some nice display stands, particularly for some of the collection’s commercial vehicles – including this mock fire station complete with split screen bus fire tender.

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What we would say is this. If you’re about to book your summer holiday, hold fire until you’ve checked out this destination first! Puerto Rico has some of the finest white, sandy beaches and idyllic offshore islands – so once you’ve done the museum, there will be plenty of opportunity to chill out with a cool beer afterwards….


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