Special Edition! E38 show report.

One of the biggest events on our calendar, especially for those of us who like a spot of water under the bonnet. The picturesque Overstone Park in Northampton again played host to thousands of VAG vehicles for the 11th Edition 38 show and shine.

Edition 38 2013 005

Cars from the Skoda, Seat, Audi and Porsche stable all rubbed shoulders with the huge VW turnout. A handfull of slammed Aircooled rides stole hearts, with a Green bug on Fuchs winning best Beetle, and the amazing “Gonzo” volksrod, equipped with rotating machine gun exhaust, scooping the best of show award!

The campsite area was a show in itself, boasting some impressive DIY rave tent creations, and the quite frankly superb “roof terrace” consisting of a Mercedes Vito, a full length roof rack upon which a picnic table and umbrella proudly sat, along with 6 or so slightly tipsy gentleman – ingenious!

Edition 38 2013 013Edition 38 2013 030Edition 38 2013 003Edition 38 2013 034

Both Friday and Saturday nights offer the opportunity to consume vast amounts of “falling water” while your internal organs are rearranged by bass and your ear drums are perforated at 100 yards. For those a little more sensible / working the next day the pleasure of trying to sleep through this is yours for the taking!!

Armed with a little less sleep than could be desired we had 2 busy days of trading, meeting a whole load of great people and gave away boxes of our catalogues, including the brand new Golf Mk1 catalogue, which went down a storm!

There were a few trends that couldn’t be missed.. Air ride suspension was prolific. Especially on the more modern machinery, it’s benefits evident after watching 10 guys try and “unbeach” an Audi estate slammed on coilovers on Sunday morning!!

Edition 38 2013 020Edition 38 2013 1s030 Edition 38 2013 017 Edition 38 2013 006

Old Skool, is still in our eyes, the best school. The amount of work, and the trick touches that have gone into the Mk1 and Mk2 Golf’s on display, and the best Scirocco award going to a Mk1 model, means that this side of the scene is well and truly flourishing. There is something that could be deemed “cheating” about buying a new car, fitting lowered suspension and big wheels and proclaiming it done, in my eyes at least!!

Edition 38 2013 027Edition 38 2013 039Edition 38 2013 009Edition 38 2013 021

A drive on, drive off stage takes pride of place at the front of the show field. As well as offering a platform for interviews with owners, discovering the stories behind the cars, and exactly how far some of the European visitors had come to be at this event. Later on in the weekend it offers the winners a podium to collect their prizes and show off their cars to the crowds. The crowds are cleverly kept right to the end by the lure of a giveaway car – this year a fully modified Audi TT.

Edition 38 2013 056

A big thanks to the Edition 38 crew for putting on such a great show. It was much improved over my visit a few years back, the facilities were useable all weekend, and I even managed a hot shower or two!

Will we be there next year – you betcha, driving a car worthy of showing too, with a bit of luck!! See a whole load more of our photos over on Flickr here



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