Gretel – signed and delivered!

Gretel, our ’56 single cab pick up, is looking splendid in her new VW Heritage livery, just in time for her first European show debut. But instead of cutting corners and using vinyl transfers, we went to the country’s top signwriters, Prosign, who hand painted them using traditional techniques to give precisely the authentic period look we were after.


Husband and wife team Neil and Mandy Melliard at the South London based signwriting specialists worked meticulously over a two week period on Gretel, and we think you’ll agree that the results look totally stunning. When you get to see it up close and personal you can barely see the brush strokes, the finish is just so good.


“All of it has been done by hand, without the use of masks, using sable brushes and linseed based paint,” confirms Neil. “We hand draw the lettering on tracing paper then transfer this to the bodywork with chalk before applying traditional One Shot paint by brush which gives a shiny, long lasting finish. Even the brushes themselves are specially hand made to give the best results possible.”


Although Prosign possess all the necessary hi-tech computer technology and precision equipment to produce the latest vinyl liveries and digital print, the old fashioned way of doing things was the only way to go with our historic pick up.

“I’d liken it to a fake gold ring, vinyl’s doesn’t look the same, you’ll never get same finish as a hand-painted livery,” added Neil.

The period makeover was just in time for Gretel’s show debut at Chimay in Belgium for the European Bug In. We’ll be posting pictures soon…

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