What would Laurent wish for?


Trade team member Laurent is midway through a Type 3 Fastback project. A Great time to take a look and see how it is progressing, and what he would wish for in order to finish it.

laurent Picture 051laurent montage

Picked up by Laurent back in March 2012, this 4 owner, 1972 car was needing some attention from someone who knew their stuff. Fortunately Trade team staffer Laurent is a dab hand with the welder, so he has carried out some great looking repairs to the heater channels, inner wings, engine bay and bumper mounts. The car currently sits in primer, awaiting a covering of Savannah Beige. Out back sits a 1600cc lump with a pair of 34 ICTs to aid with the fuelling.

As you can see, there are still some finishing touches to be added. Namely some SSP Slot Mag wheels to set off the 70’s styling, some new lamp lenses to complete the rear fenders, and a cheeky exhaust to keep the fumes in check.

AC601018, SSP Slot Mag with machine cut faces, 4/130PCD, 5.5 x15" ET 17.Rear lamps 311-945-223/p, sold individually. Fit Type 3 and Ghia 71-74.

AC2511013, Type 3 exhaust, Single quiet pack tuckaway.


Can’t wait to see this project in the flesh.. We will make sure we get a photo of it when we do! To be in with a chance of winning your wishlist, simply add parts to your wishlist using the button on the website.. if it’s in your wishlist by March 31st, you could win it, (up to £1000!) simple as that!


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