Ultimate Dubs

Kickstarting proceedings for the majority of water-cooled drivers last weekend was Ultimate Dubs in Telford. Easily busier than 2011 and now offering another hall, complete with carpet – and a few more aircooled rides to break up the nu-wave monotony – we were sponsoring the show again, so it would of been rude not to go!

You might of seen our coverage of Raef’s car build over on facebook – we were hoping to have that on our stand. Sadly, a paint reaction when it was sprayed in the week meant it wasn’t to be. Fortunately, we know some good people, and Geoff from HavAir (who was building Raef’s car for him) stepped up and offered his infamous Mk1 to sit next to Ahmet’s Rallye. Bingo!

For those familiar with Geoff’s string of bad luck and shows, it was sadly true to form. His 5 door Mk1 show car that he had been working on broke down last minute, so would need trailering – leaving the red Mk1 to be driven. The red Mk1 didn’t like this plan, so decided to fall out of love with its clutch near London! But lets not dwell on bad luck (Geoff’s car didn’t make it inside -it turned up too late, and the stewards wouldn’t make any exceptions) we still had a great looking stand, with the Rallye getting lots of interest.

A Chinese restaurant would of been a fitting reward for our hard efforts on Saturday, but they were full. Second choice was an Indian restaurant we found last year which was also full for the next 2 hours… our consolation prize was a kebab and fish bar, which filled a hole at least. Note to self, pre-book restaurant the week before. Bed for those who were working, and more beer for those who weren’t meant a slightly disrupted night as revellers returned to their rooms the wrong (or right) side of mid-night.

Sunday, was an early one – but the breakfast buffet offers good incentive! Some last minute arranging, pricing and bracing for the onslaught of VW nuts about to be let in. The queues to get in lasted most of the morning, and moving around the halls and getting decent pics of the cars was tricky at best.


Will we be there again next year? Yeah, of course! But we hope some changes are made, Stewards not singing from the same hymm sheet and lack of room for traders to set up and move were two of our gripes. And what was going on with all the non VAG cars there… a Mini, please?!!

See you at the next one!


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