Could I ever sell it, even for my car crush?!

The winter is a great time for Ebay and Forum window shopping, it passes some time while on lunch / the other half watches naff tv and makes for great conversation starters with your mates.

So, presuming you currently have a Volkswagen that you treasure.. what would you have to find on Ebay, for a great price –  that would make you seriously consider selling up your dub and driving something from outside of Wolfsburg. In fact, let’s make this easier and take money out of the equation. If offered a straight swap could you do it?!  Here are a few of mine, whether I could bring myself to part with the Polo (having spent 8 years saving it from the scrap man) in exchange for a “dream car”  I really don’t know!

Case 1.  The Jaguar E type. I was lucky enough to be chauffeured round in one of these as a lad as my Dad had one, so I have always promised myself one. (Money, now definitely is a problem -but for the benefit of the blog and all) what would I have; well although the roadster was the childhood chariot a 2 seater fixed roof is a  slightly more realistic acquisition and keeps the british weather out. Is it better than the polo? Faster -check, more stylish – check, tax free – yep passes there too. Would I be scared stiff to leave it anywhere, for sure – but not much will change there, I hate leaving the Polo anywhere!!

Case. 2 A Ferrari. There can’t be many who are into cars who can say they’ve never had a Ferrari poster at some point. Which one to have. As with the E-Type, an F40 would be great, and although writing this based on a hypothetical swap with a (complete nutter – they would have to be) stranger I would have to pay road tax and, so in my book that isn’t an improvement on my current situation. So I need to swap for a pre ’72 Ferrari. A 250 GTO would be nice, I guess!!

Case 3. The Yank Tank. So in recent months my Dad has got into the Wedding Car game.. which sounds great. A justification for having a slightly ridiculous car- as loved up couples will pay good money for you to drive it places with them on board! So If I was to buy, no – we’re talking swaps, if I was to swap the little Polo for a car to be used as a weekend income – what would I pick. There are no more ridiculous cars than the american yank tanks of the 50’s and 60’s. Stupidly massive, thirsty for fuel (but its ok this time – the happy couple are paying) and style by the bucket load. So what should it be?!! Mustang’s spring to mind – but this car needs to be practical – the bigger the better, and this dream I’m writing from within has no storage issues or parking dilemmas to hold me back!  Now I wouldn’t own this.. but it is all of the above for sure!!!

 Back to reality. Case 4. The Polo is a keeper, I just need to work harder to get a bigger garage, and longer drive and more money to fund these motoring excesses, and I’m pretty sure I would go mad attending shows outside of the VW scene as a regular occurence. Perhaps in a few years time; I’ll let the grey hairs dictate how long, be able to achieve at least one of the above. But could I take a big case of cash to buy one of the above, and walk past a thousand VW’s on the way, not stopping short of the “Big Prize” and picking up a new dub instead?! That’s debatable too!

Lets hear what you would swap your’s for!


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