Wing and a prayer






Genuine MK1 Golf Front Wings

The ones you’ve been waiting for!! Sourced from Wolfsburg and pressed from the original tools rescued from Karmann, they don’t come any better than this. Both Left and Right on the shelf now, ready for immediate dispatch.

We’re really pleased to be able to offer these at last; after a lot of speculation from Classic Parts on what will and won’t be re-made this is a great addition to our range. Although the price at £202.96 each may put some of you off (and we realise not everyone has that kinda money ready for new wings) Look at it like this….

Genuine panels are just that, the best, the original article. Designed to be used on a production line when the vehicles were built, VW didn’t want to be messing around with poor panel gaps, so neither should you. The part may be more money initially, but if it saves you money at the body shop, outlasts the repro panel, and cements the value of your car as an appreciating classic with genuine parts used where possible it’s the thinking mans choice.

Prayers answered.


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