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The VW Classic Parts partnership is going great – the phones haven’t stopped ringing and we’re unearthing all manner of obscure VW parts for enthusiasts all over the country. Whats even better, we have been sent a list of parts that have been reproduced by VW and are now available to order again.  Here’s the list, have a look and see what you need!

Mk1 Golf
Tailgate seals – 321-827-705/A/GEN
Left side window seal (for use with chrome trim) – 171-845-321/A
Right side window seal (for use with chrome trim) – 171-845-322/A
Felt window guide (large) – 171-837-439/D
Handbrake lever – 171-711-305/B
Numberplate Lamp (S2) – 171-943-021/B
Parcel Shelf Straps – 171-867-779/A
Door top moulding (right) – 171-867-220
Door seal (L or R) – 171-837-911/H

Mk1 Cabrio

C-pillar corner seals
Left – 155-871-409/A
Right – 155-871-410/A
Badge “Cabriolet” – 155-853-687/B
Handbrake lever – 171-711-305/B
Door Top moulding, Black
Left – 155-867-219
Right – 155-867-220
Bumper reinforcement (iron behind cover), front, Clipper models – 155-807-109/A
Seatbelt, 3 point – 155-857-705/D

Mk1 Scirocco
Tailgate seals – 321-827-705/A/GEN

Mk2 Scirocco
Tailgate seals – 321-827-705/A/GEN
Left Front Wing – 533-821-021/E

Mk2 Golf
Handbrake lever (Typ 19/early models) – 171-711-305/B
Rear panel (below rear lights) – 191-813-305/G/GEN

Please call if you wish to order any of these parts and we can let you know prices and availability.


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