NEW!! SSP Wheel range now even bigger!

That’s right, we are now able to offer more wheel designs in the SSP wheels range, including the Slot Mag, The Torque, The Crest and The Raider. And now available in 17″ is the already legendary SSP Fooks.

The Slot Mags are available in 5/205, 5/112 and 4/130 PCD all in a machine cut finish.

The SSP Torque rims is a take on the classic Torque Thrust wheel, offered in “wide five” as  Polished, silver with Polished lip or black with polished lip. The SSP Crest rims as the Thrust are in 5/205 pattern and produced in a polished, silver with polished lip or black with polished lip finish.

For early Beetle owners comes the Raider, offered in Chrome, Polished, Silver/Polished and Black/Polished all in a 5×15″ and offset of ET20.

Keeping up with the current trend for bigger rims on buses and bugs here is our offering. Availble in 7×17″, the SSP Fooks are avalable in both Late bay and Porsche stud pattern as required and finished in polished, chrome or black and polished.

All these wheels carry the SSP wheel guarantee for build quality, and come with a 2 year finish warranty-see website for details.

Don’t let the weather get the better of your new SSP wheels, we recommend using RimWax for keeping your wheels in top shape. Now available online or over the phone £17.95  per pot.

See you soon!

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