And the winner is pt.2

By no means second in the Ultimate Dubs competition was Scott and his Caddy Sport. Another entry that was built by the owner, which is something we like to see, and partake heavily in ourselves. Having picked the truck up in early 2009, it had already lost most of its Sport model charm so was ripe for the modifying game. Although the Caddy had seen a re-spray by a previous owner the bodywork was tired and well in need of some surgery. Rust in the load floor and chassis were tended to with home-made repair sections, the arches were rolled and a clever storage area added behind the seats, learning as he went this was rounded off with a DIY spray job in the original white finish. To put the icing on this Caddy Cake a set of OZ Fittipaldi split rims, with the centres in body colour made sure this was the truck for us!


If you have a few hours spare have a read through the full build thread on, this quick review hardly does it justice.  As with Adams Mk2 we can’t wait to see this is the flesh at the show. Thumbs up to both of you for some great home-built cars.

Be sure to come and say hi if you make it to the show.. and of course give these cars the love they deserve.

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