Over here at BBT we pretty much eat, sleep and breathe Volkswagens, so once we’ve finished a day at the office, most of us head home, and into the garage/workshop/driveway to begin work on our own projects, so I thought I’d introduce some of our current “works in progress”

Ladies first, we’ve got Anna, more commonly known to most of you as AnnaVR6, most commonly seen behind a camera lens at various meets and shows round the country, her ever evolving VR6 Mk2 will no doubt be undergoing some changes for next season, though rumour has it, it’s currently sat on a set of Sebrings, looking dirty and unloved!

Next up is Andy’s Mk1, a bit of an impulse buy, the lure of a solid Mk1 for the right figure was too hard to resist, and the Mk1 was added to the collection along with the brace of 6N Polo’s and his long term Mk1 Polo, the more door Formel E has only been in Andy’s ownership for a couple of weeks, but with VW Heritage’s “Santa Cruise” approaching (more on that later) rapidly, urgent attention was needed to bring the Mk1 a little closer to terra firma, after the usual swear inducing seized bottom shock bolts, the coilovers were fitted up, and the Scala rims off the Mk1 Polo were bolted up, the results speak for themselves and after the essential “rims and a drop” treatment, the Mk1 is heading in the right direction. There’s certainly more to come from this one, so watch this space.

Born in a barn, or just found in a field?
After a hit with the stick, and a set of rims, less "agricultural"

Finally, my own work in progress, brought a few years back as a more or less stock Mk1 Cabrio, a set of coilovers and some RS’s were added and I drove it round like that for a while quite happily until a trip back from E38 2009 brought on the mechanical pains, rather than simply fix the issues it was decided a heart transplant was necessary, enter a 2.0 16v from a Corrado, fuelled by a set Independent Throttle Bodies, all run by a standalone ECU, work has been “sporadic” but with an immovable deadline set (it will be my wedding car) things are taking shape…

How it used to look
Bye bye 1800cc 8v
the new heart resting in place, it'll be back out again soon

So that’s what we’re up to, we’d love to see any of your current projects so why not visit our Facebook page and show us yours.

James V

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