Transporter Treasure Hunt

The Wedgehunt continues..

For those who follow us on Facebook you maybe aware of our quest to find the earliest T25 in the UK. With the model being launched here in May 1979, we are interested to hear from anyone who owns, knows of, or once saw a 1979, or 1980 model – easily identified by the all metal vents in the rear, rather than the later plastic type.

We have received quite a few vehicles of interest so far, and are recognising both year of registration and chassis number for entrance.

Out in front at the moment is a November 1979 built van (pictured) discovered through a former owner using our Facebook fan page.

If you think you can help us please let us know on or follow our quest on

And for the winner? 25% off anything in our range… be it a single gasket or whole new engine!

Keep your eyes peeled, and look forward to seeing some more early vans coming to light.






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