Wet Play: Brighton Breeze 2010

It all started well.. the sun nearly shone and the rain was held back by everyone’s positivity;  then i did it, a foolish, school boy error. I said it was “not raining” on my Facebook status. Shortly after the heavens opened  -Whoops!

Fortunately being VW folk we’re not scared of a bit of water (unless its in an engine, for some), and the show went on regardless. I had a great time snapping some video’s and photo’s while the guys on the VW Heritage stand did a roaring trade in SSP wheels – £100 off a set of four, it was the deal to have if you needed new hoops!

As well as taking our pictures, i have been embracing “social media” and scouted out some more photos from Flickr. If you haven’t used Flickr, it’s a great way to store your photo’s, plus you can “tag” them so others looking for the same thing can find them.. using the Brighton Breeze “tag” has turned up some visual treats this time around.

Click the pictures below for a few different takes on the day -the picture on the left comes courtesy of Aircooledbenny, and links through to his Flickr album, this image a particular favouriteof ours.  The centre pic takes you through to our photostream from the day, and the one on the right, another account of the day by Samcmoore, also on Flickr. The main Picture is another from Aircooledbenny – this guy has an eye for a photo – and a dab hand with the photoshop too!

Hope you liked the pics, see you there next year!


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