Players 4.0, North Weald, Essex

We couldn’t make it to this show, with so many things going on, some times you have to just kick back and recharge at the weekend. Fortunately we had a man on the ground, Heretics member Luke, who grabbed some photos for us which is much appreciated. Over to him, to talk you through it!

“Players. Arguably the best UK one day show of the year? I think so.  For me, being able to get up at a respectable time in the morning (post 6am!) and then be able to turn up in the middle (literally!) of a live, working airfield and put my car on display with out the normal mayhem of cleaning my car in the pitch black, sub zero temperatures is what I find most enjoyable…Apart from the superb range of cars it has to offer!

I’ve always liked players for it’s range of cars and this year was no exception. After a plate of Curly fries, a short walk into the first hanger revealed perfection on all marques. A baby blue swallow tail with an interior you would sell your soul for; an unusual choice Merc with yet again, perfection stamped across all 16 inches of it’s RS’. Sat just out side is a mk2 jetta on air that takes dropping dubs to a new (insane!) low!

From the short walk from one hanger to the next, a red top mini (won non vag of the show), a 911, a sexy, sexy, sexy(!) E30 to just reel some from a list. We have all seen show fresh paint but the depth and colour on some of these new builds was something to step back and admire that little bit longer than you should! Attention to detail is second to none on the majority of all cars shown here! It’s the small details that count!

 Into the next hanger. Carl’s mk2. Need we say any more! A great change to the ‘scene’ with some real goodies going on all around the car. An escort! Real proof that players isn’t just about a dropped dub! Many other cars caught my eye Including a tornado red supercharged vr6, fresh out the box.

Walking out of this hanger was like walking into a film set. A ratted Splitty sitting off to the side with some guys chilling inside. A tent with a dj blasting out some tunes and pedal powered choppers littering the ground. Oh… and in my opinion one of the best executed Rallyes i’ve ever seen.

 All round, this show is well worth a tenner for a great day out with a full range of cars. Its a great place to put your daily whip on display also, if at other shows you feel a little intimidated.

Forget the scene queens, just enjoy the cars (and the free Rockstar!). That’s what its about,  isn’t it?”
You know the drill now, click the pic for the Flickr album!
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