Anna goes to Action

If you weren’t going to Edition 38 last weekend, you could do a lot worse than go to VW Action, in fact quite a few would say it’s the better choice to make. Anna made that choice, being a seasoned veteran of the show and an active part of the club who were camping together up there.

So after some hellish traffic on the M1 before reaching Santa Pod we eventually arrived at around 11.30pm. Putting up a tent in the dark was surprisingly easy using the Lupo’s headlights for torches. Bed followed shortly after, it had been a long day!

 Saturday morning came and went, we sat and watched the quarter mile racing, camera in hand. Paying particular note to the club guys, Phil and Lewis, Phil recording a 14.3 in his VR6 powered Mk2.

Saturday night saw the Christmas themed party, and we took a walk round the fair too… there were some sights to be seen…especially as I stayed sober!

The night racing was great to watch too.. a highlight of the show, would love to show you but I left my camera in the car Doh!

 Sunday brought more good weather.. we packed up early to concentrate on the show and shine and drag racing. I’ll be there for next year for sure.. and checking out the off road course too, as once again I missed it.”


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