Next time you're at the zoo….

The monkey took the trip to Devon with us at the end of last week. Staying in Newton Abbot, we were only a few miles from Paignton Zoo.. so he came too!
This was the most fun ever, slightly embarrassing at first, a grown man with a cuddly toy in his bag.. that we kept photographing, but after our first success with a small “real” monkey.. we knew we were in for great fun!
The monkey got down from his perch, and came to see our stuffed friend..sitting right next to the glass!

Next up was the monkey house..we attracted over an Orangutan by getting the monkey to wave at him.. by this time we had an audience, the Orangutan came over, knocked on the glass to say hi, and ran off to his friend with what looked like a fit of laughter! We were pleased with our work.. and think we improved the rest of the Zoo’s visitors experience too.

The moral of the story.. take a cuddly monkey next time you go to the zoo!

See the rest of Monkeys pics on our Flickr stream.

Monkey at the zoo

See you tomorrow!


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