Heretics: much a do about dubbing.

We all got into this for different reasons.. You wanted something to take the family away in, without the stigma of towing a caravan. Maybe you “borrowed” the badge from a neighbours Golf, pretending you were in the Beastie Boys; then picked the rest of it up for a song when they bought a new one. Who ever was at fault, and what ever caused it to happen we’re in this together.. and here’s how we can help.
You know the Heretics meets we bang on about each month.. they are designed for everyone of you, and us of course too.
Whether you arrive in a convoy of 20, or just on your own, in a standard car, a beaten up rat looker, the daily ‘cos the dubs broke, or a show winning trophy queen its all the same to us.
The stories behind the cars are becoming as important as how they look or what they are, we are looking to showcase cars on the all new Heretics site..and perhaps you would like to have a share of the limelight and tell us why you car is special to you?
Without letting the cat out the bag… stay tuned, as Heretics is about to point your dubbing experience in a new direction.

See you on the 15th July.


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