Pauls Zwitter, as seen in our latest magazine ads.

I’ve followed this car being built over the last 8 years or so, and its great to see it finally coming to a finish.
Although its yet to be MOT’d i must say, its looking brilliant.
The Car is a swedish import, and used to wear a green paint scheme but is now back in the original brown. Seen here prior to its rebuild.

After a mechanical overhaul and full repaint, the car is now rolling on Erco’s and sat practically on the floor. Powered by a 1500 singleport for the time being, but when money allows i’m sure something more potent will be on the cards.
Inside you’ll notice a pair of Lotus Elise seats, complementing the TMI rear bench and headliner, one of our oatmeal carpet sets, and on the glovebox lid, a bit of artwork by Neil Melliard at Prosign -very nice!

Big thanks to Paul for letting us share his car with you, in the ads and on the blog too.

See you tomorrow!


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