Heretics 18/06/09

So, the third Heretics meet descended on our Burgess Hill premises on the 18th June. It was a slow to start, and as the grey clouds drew near many of us wondered what the attendance would be like during the course of the evening. True to form, the VW fans turned up and we are pleased to report over 100 VW’s yet again graced Victoria Business Park.

The ‘New Waves’ VW Club bought along an impressive selection of air-cooled VW’s, so good some of the water-cooled lot are thinking of selling up and going Old Skool.

The Yellow Ghia took top honours in the visitors choice award, and celebrated by leaving in a cloud of rubber.

Jez Parsons from GCS and Carrera Performance also bought along his 3.7 911 powered 1962 Samba which certainly drew the crowds.

Please see attached some images from the event.

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