Sand Scorcher Update

After the initial excitement of receiving the replacement bodyshell, the work began prepping it for paint. It was first just roughly flatted back in the hope that a fresh coat of primer and topcoat would cover what was left. Unfortunately the finish wasn’t as good as expected, so the bodyshell had a bath in some brake fluid for nearly a week.
After a bit of scrubbing and scraping, the original white plastic has been revealed. Just a bit of a scotch up and paint will be applied tomorrow 13/06/2009.

Unfortunately the numberplates and badge were so stuck on, it was impossible to remove them without causing damage, and as these are very hard to get hold of, they’ll just be detailed while attached.

The original ‘Padlatrak’ Tyres have also arrived to replace the Hornet spiked rear tyres. They will be fitted to some refurbished Scorcher wheels and the tyre lettering detailed.

Check back next week for what will be a finished scorcher! (hopefully)

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