Five ways to improve your VW brakes!

Braking is a pretty essential part of motoring. It can be fun if you do it late and get round a corner faster than before, but it can be scary too, potentially leading to disaster if your brakes aren’t up to scratch.

New year, new project?

Why not kick off the new year with a new toy? Well, that’s precisely what blog editor Ian did when he added a slightly frayed at the edges, high mileage T5 to his fleet…

Q+A with VW Heritage Founder, David Ward

David was recently interviewed by the Karmann Ghia owners club, for their club magazine Karmann Komment. The answers tell a great story of how VW Heritage came about, and the role Karmann Ghias played in the creation of the company as it is today. Read on to find out more!

Karmann's coming to the UK!

It is with great excitement that we announce a number of Karmann prototype vehicles to be exhibited at the 2015 Volksworld show, all thanks to our partnership with VW Classic Parts.