Stonor Park Show.

A great show for all fans of the marque, with an even representation from both the Watercooled and Aircooled camps. The weather was just about on our side, and the rain stayed away pretty much, which was nice.Here are few pics, i’ll let you have some more later in the week! Hope you all had … Continued

Red and Rare: Jetta Mk1 Coupe

Only ever sold with LHD, sadly the UK never got the Mk1 Jetta Coupe.Now they are few and far between, espcecially in this condition. The customer had dropped by to pick up a coilover kit, as there are some plans in the pipline for it. The car will stay standard for a short time longer … Continued

Decorators Van: Wallpapered T25.

This tidy example dropped in to see us yesterday, and I got chatting with the owner. Originally drawn in by the Audi rims, then further the early spec chrome bumpers, a peep through the window had me reaching for the camera!The owner has done some resto work on it himself, and although in his words … Continued

A Teddy Bear called Gary?

Ben and James took one of our Brazilian Bays off for a nice jolly in the countryside last weekend, a picnic we were told.Visions in our eyes of tartan blankets, thermos flasks, and sandwiches with bits of grass in them, we wished them merrily on their way.Except this was no run of the mill al … Continued

Saturday 'Ghia and Splitscreen spotting

We are open every Saturday here at our premises in Burgess Hill, and when the weathers nice, or maybe it was nice when you left; we get some lovely looking cars turn up. This weekend was no exception, it rained, and this split, and the ’65 Ghia had already left on their trip, albeit from … Continued